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    Quote Originally Posted by theturn View Post
    My computer runs it at max at a higher fps rate than wow, which I find hard to believe but its true.
    probably because you need such a good cpu for WoW and the graphics cards aren't as important. i really wanna try out SWTOR on my computer because i have a similar build

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    Blizzard goes bankrupt and can't afford to keep WoW up and cancels the game and explosions will cause a disruption within the core of the earth and UPS finds a way to travel through time and space. Then maybe...just maybe...

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    Some people here should seriously read what they have put, it's so petty and childish I almost feel sorry for them.

    OT: when christmas is done, back to enjoying the Game.

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    I final get round to building a new gaming machine from the ground up
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    While, I already am playing... kind of. Mulled around to get a level 6 Bounty Hunter, but you never know, I might play it more once it goes f2p in 2 weeks. Penny Arcade already called it!

    Joking aside, I would have already started a long time ago if I could play as a Wookie. I find the race selection to be one of the cons of the game, they're all just different skinned humans. Blue human, red angry looking human, spiky bone head human, blind human... you get the picture. Older MMOs seem to have way more differential between races, even Star Trek online, which is something I find ironic.. A lot of Star Trek humanoids were just humans with little bits of make up here and there. There was even a two parter episode in The Next Generation explaining this in canon!. I know I'm being a bit of a nitpicker here, but something I always that was cool with Star Wars was that there was one hell of a wide range of weird and really different looking aliens and characters around.

    Obviously for the cinematics and dialogues of TOR to work properly and consistantly across everyone's character though, they needed to have a bit more standardisation of the available race selections.
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    When I wake up in the morning and Gamestop is open, probably.

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    They release a Mac Client

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    I'll try TOR again when they implement LFD. Forming the dungeon should NOT be harder than doing the dungeon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ragelicious View Post
    Mute yourself. You happen to be dumb atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herpecin View Post
    actually this is one of the things they did very very right with TOR
    Until you fight a full team of 50s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolman View Post
    Wookie as a species (playable) would be good, but I find it hard to put which class its rightfor a wookie, i know smuggler is.
    smuggler, BH , Jedi (yes its in the lore; Lowbacca,Tyvokka)

    i dont know if wookiees would work with the empire though

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