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    My computer meets the minimum requirements plus some and it still runs slow

    Preordered swtor and it ran crazy slow. I figured I needed a new graphics card or something, but when I tested my computer on this site
    systemrequirementslab .com
    it said my system was more than adequate. Can someone look at me system info and tell me why swtor runs so slow?
    Windows vista Home Prremium
    AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core Processor
    8 GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
    If I do need to fix up my computer, would I be better off fixing a component or buying a new one.
    If I do need to buy a new computer what system should I get so the game runs very well.
    Thanks a lot. Happy holidays.

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    Your gfx card is the bottleneck, you can buy something in the $50-75 range such as an old second hand GTX 260 (what I use) or ATI 5xxx series and do a LOT better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    Your gfx card is the bottleneck, you can buy something in the $50-75 range such as an old second hand GTX 260 (what I use) or ATI 5xxx series and do a LOT better.
    I am also using this graphics card and it works wonders for me.

    OP: I have heard that there are some problems with the game optimizing, if they are true or not idk. The mods at SWTOR forums are investigating some fps issues that are affecting really good computers. I am also lagging a lot, mostly warzones, with fps dropping at 9. My processor is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+, a little better than the minimum and I still have massive lag even when I put the game at low settings.

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    Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?

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    That graphics card is not "bad", it is beyond bad, it is atrocious. It's so much worse for gaming than any other part of your computer, please, do yourself a favor and buy a new one, remove that one, burn it, then scatter the ashes in the sea so that no one ever uses that <beep> again. You can get some cards that give you a, say, 300% performance increase for no more than 50-75€...

    http://www.hwcompare.com/151/radeon-...adeon-hd-5670/ <- since the 3250 doesn't appear in the list (it's aimed mostly at laptops or computers that are not aimed at any gaming at all) this is a slightly better one, and you can still see how poor it's performance is in comparison to a card you can find for 60ish euro.

    (NOTE: Don't really burn it, that's just an exaggeration to show how bad it is. Instead, recycle it!)

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    Do you guys think that with a graphics car upgrade this computer could run it?

    AMD Athalon II X2 220 2.8 ghz
    6gb Ram
    *ATI Radeon HD 4200* (Needs Replacing For Sure)

    Will the processor handle it after upgrading the graphics?

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