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sorry but thats not what crit is supposed to to, unless you have 100% crit. you dont ever rely on it to happen.
and to say: "crit never helps" is about as stupid as saying "crit will always save me", because there ore more then enough situations (where you maybe didn't notice) where a crit saved you. allthough you didn't expect it to, it did. (I'm not trying to say: go all crit or something like that)

it's not very helpfull to look at these modelled situations, where you say: "if you crit, tank lives, of not, he dies" because in such a sitation, a few points more in haste or mastery wouldn't have made the differance ither.

crit is quite regular throughput gain. as we have only about 30%, the crit occurences can spread quite widely, but even then, it is one of our best throughput stats. But not only when tankhealing, but also when raidhealing crits will often not be wasted (unless the group has lost just enough hp to be topped of by a noncrit PoH, haha) because of the DA bubble, and the fact, that there are quite a few intelligent heals going on, that even out healspikes.

You can also argue similarly whith a haste setup. if there's no situation, where you save the day with a 2.1sec GH, where a 2.2sec GH wouldn't have done the job, then haste build was wasted and thus is unreliable, because you never know in advance, if exactly that situation will occur, where you'r haste will save the day.
sounds weird, but maybe you get the idea.
Although I'm right now very much drunken and just returned from 2012 celebrations, I'd have to say you're absolutely right - although in my own defence, I didn't mean quite literally what I said in the post above. Still, you are right.

I think the most important thing to be taken away from all of this is that Disc if anything is one spec where balancing stats is as useful as it will ever be. The thing with Haste, Crit, and Mastery, is that they all synergize very well with eachother. Which is, in essence, one of the reasons it's hard to define a "right or wrong" scenario with Disc. Secondary stats are all beneficial to us - Prayer of Healing double-dipping in Crit is not by any means a small thing to consider (After all, I think most of us use Inner Focus for the crit bonus, not so much the mana saving, these days. Long gone are the days of Inner Focus -> Crit regen 5secondrule > woo mana return, ala TBC).

I would also very much agree with the Haste argument at the end of your post - this is also much the reason Haste is not my most focused stat - Mastery is. My train of thought is pretty much this; Haste is good in that it provides more spells cast during the course of an encounter - mana costs aside. Crit is also good in that it provides more Divine Aegis, whether that be from pure crit sources, or Prayer of Healing double-dip. However, Mastery is one stat that benefits both of these scenarios. It's the jack of all trades, master of none. And do take that last part in consideration; master of none. If you're not spamming PoH, Mastery is not a great stat, full stop (compared to Haste, anyway). Whether this train or thought is optimal or not, it has landed me a #5 ranking for Disc healing on WoL, and a #22 over -all classes and specs-, for Zon'ozz Heroic. Does this mean anything substantial? No, not really, there are too many variables to consider. But on the other hand, it should mean that my approach to healing is not awful, or bad, or useless. It is, at least, useful, I hope.

But really, the take-away is, as I already said, focus on what works for you. In the end, it's how you play your character, which determines whether you kill the boss or not - your focus on Haste or Mastery (or Crit) is not going to be the deciding factor. Once you get to the level of play at which your stat allocation and fine-tuning matters, you'll already know what matters most to you. Follow that, and not what is said on this forum (Including what I'm saying, it's worth no more than what anyone else said in this thread).

Just enjoy Disc in DS. It's a good spec, I can attest to that - whether it's the best spec or not, and whether I can answer you questions or not, is not the most important thing.

Drunken forum posting ftw \o/ happy 2012 everyone.