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    Powertech or Mercenary for firebug?

    So I've been researching the classes and thinking of rerolling to a firebug bounty hunter. I like the idea of a dot based fire class so firebug looks good to me, however as a shared tree I have a problem in deciding which would be the better advanced advanced class to use with PvE in mind (I never really PvP). My assumption would be Merc since 2 blasters instead of a shield should mean the shot attacks do more damage, but at the same time looking at the talent calculator the other trees in powertech seem to the better talents for improving fire damage in particular.

    Help from players more knowledgable of the class would be appreciated.

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    Im a merc, playing with the Pyrotech aka Firebug specc. Haven't tried the powertech but so far, the Arsenal specc seems far superior, although alot less fun : )
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    Just a headsup about powertech: You don't need a shield generator. There is a second type of power generator which boosts your DPS further.
    Really, what it will come down to is your playstyle. Powertech will be about getting in close to the enemy to use flame burst and rocket punch. While most of the tree is the same, one boosts rocket punch and flame burst, the other boosts ranged damage and alacrity (haste).

    While you're planning on playing firebug, consider that at some point you may want to tank/heal (hey, it could happen!) and keep that in mind too.

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