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    Well this was only top 5, so it isn't super surprising. There are some Cataclysm items further down the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inzightlive View Post
    no surprise, cata gear looks awful
    no it doesn't..and the only reason that people don't use it is because they just barely had it. people want stuff that hasn't been seen in a long time. cata gear is still fresh...

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    Not surprised by the transmog gearing. Why would someone transmog into newish gear they JUST had rather than transmog into gear they haven't worn in years.

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    I'd like to see like a top 50 for each class personally. Gives me some good ideas of what to mog. =)

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    Hrmmm Brutal weapons are quite common.... I haven't looked at which old school items are still available from honor, but I'd hazard a guess that you can still by Brutal gladiator weapons hence why they're so popular. Any items that require farming (solo or otherwise) will always rank lower I expect due to lazy people working around what they can get from vendors.

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    Actually, I transmoged my PvP set to look like Death Knight tier 12 and transmoged the sword to look like the one dropped in stonecore.

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    Claymore of Unholy Might sup!

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    I agree that I'd much rather have seen ranged weapons for hunters. And Lok'Delar? Who's transmogging Lok'delar? That thing is ugly and has 15 other staves with identical models, all of which are easier to get. Maybe it was a clerical error? Someone heard that Rhok'delar was popular and got them mixed up?

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    Hey Curse/MMO boys and Girls, what about ranged weapons? Left them out. As a hunter kinda what i want to see, especially since staves, staffs and polearms will mean exactly nothing to us after some point this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Hunter Ranged Chart
    Thank you!

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    I'm surprised by some of the top 5s...most aren't really that cool to be honest. Rogues with core-hound tooth? lmao

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    No surprise about the cata weapons when you think about it, it's been too soon for anyone to feel any nostalgia about and primarily it's far harder to farm up cata drops.

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    The old gear made sense and looked bad ass. I am sure I like many hate it when gear becomes more homogenized looking like the classes over time and the game in terms of playing it. You look at old weapons and they looked to have "made sense" for swinging them, not just decorative pieces used to wear or hit people with. Talk about the katana looking swords, and smooth looking armor, without the bulging over-sized shoulders, giant belts, overly flamboyant other armor slots. Some people just want to keep the more traditional looks, not walking disco players or to just be unique (which being unique says nothing bad when players get older gear to achieve it over new content).

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    Kind of surprised to see classic wow pvp gear isnt up there, although i guess a lot of people are playing characters originally from vanilla. The grand marshal and high warlord shields are my favorites in the game

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    I'm surprised that people are more interested in popular transmog gear than the utter disappointment of Heroic Madness. I guess people have just gotten used to Blizzard being lazy as hell.

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    I have a 2nd transmog set sitting around and it's actually one of the green cata sets with last seasons 2-handed conquest sword. Currently using T-9 Pally look alike but uh... ... I have some weird taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeggBundy View Post
    Good job on the kill. Looks like a mind-numbingly boring fight.
    I agree. I just stopped playing WoW (after a long 5+ years) as a result of burnout and boredom with the highend raiding (thanks, firelands). Watching this video, frankly, made me glad I did. Congrats for the world first but goddamn does this look boring. With no prior knowledge of the fight beyond this video, it looks to me like "burst down this tentacle. Now, move away and burst down this tentacle" for 15 mins straight in a race against how often you yawn and scratch yourself. I don't mean to sound like an ahole intent on badmouthing the game, but wtf Blizz? Is this tier as boring as this video indicates? I'm sure the dps/hps required is as tightly tuned as we'd expect from an end boss, but the mechanics seems as challenging as not nicking my nuts while shaving them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishHead View Post
    I'm surprised that people are more interested in popular transmog gear than the utter disappointment of Heroic Madness. I guess people have just gotten used to Blizzard being lazy as hell.
    Probably the fact that such a small amount of players actually experience heroic madness, people are interested in thing that apply to them.

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    I think a Per Class/Per Weapon-type would be much better than a just per class. I hate how my current weapon for my lock is a dagger. I don't have any good looking old daggers, nor do I know any particularly awesome. Swords and staffs on the other hand...

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