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    Well, the 0% obviously is because you don't need to actually mog cata gear, as it's relevant and you can just use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkZero View Post
    I think a Per Class/Per Weapon-type would be much better than a just per class. I hate how my current weapon for my lock is a dagger. I don't have any good looking old daggers, nor do I know any particularly awesome. Swords and staffs on the other hand...
    Agreed. As a Combat Rogue I have no offhand choices for current content (daggers only), so I'm in the same boat.

    See how the most common weapon for Rogues used in transmogrification is one that shares a model with a sword? I wish Blizzard would get the hint and at least allow dagger <-> 1H sword transmogrification like bows, guns, and crossbows.
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    • Most classic weapons are really dull (Lok'delar anyone?), but they have a few really impressive ones.
    • TBCs weapons have colour and creativity, while being really easy to obtain.
    • Wrath of the Lich Kings weapons are really dark and boring. Skulls and death everywhere.
    • Cataclysms weapons have some good ones, but as they are all quite new everyone already have seen them resently and the weapons due to that lack any kind of uniqueness.

    These are my reasons of why things are as they are.
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    TBC also had SWP where they went totally over the top on everything. And this was after BT had gone a bit over the top to start.

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    0% of the top 5 items are from Cataclysm.
    Seems to be that no one likes any of the Cata stuff. I can see why and I am so thankful for transmog.

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    Something I find weird is that in these last 2 movies KIN made, there is 1-3 guys screaming when they got the kill. Besides Gchat, that'll say. When my guild and I got spine(normal) down for the first time(just 1.5 night to try it) we screaming like fuck and imo it makes you wanna continue play ;e

    Also on Madness ofc, but I think it was some more feelings @ spine

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    Yep, Anathema is my choice as a shadowpriest

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    First - Kin Raiders amazing job the speed at which those adds went down was just crazy. Second - The lack of love for classic 60 pvp gear is due to the "you had to be there" part of the ability to transmog them. Vanilla pvp gear can only be transmoged to with the feat of strength. So you need to have been playing at least 5 years+ and on top of that to go Area 52 and not stormwind/orgrimmar to pick up the gear that can be used for transmog. I am a fan of the vanilla sets with the grandmarshall dagger and a few misc pieces which are amazingly from cata (cloak/belt/offhand)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishHead View Post
    I'm surprised that people are more interested in popular transmog gear than the utter disappointment of Heroic Madness. I guess people have just gotten used to Blizzard being lazy as hell.
    Maybe its not about Blizzard being lazy but the fight looks like a joke to me compared to other fights like <list urs here>.

    Also I feel like when new expansion is comming Blizzard puts less effort to current content like with Trial of the Crusader, or ICC(beacuse it was for too long) and
    now with Dragon Soul its like ctrl+c -> ctrl+v because we have to take care of MoP.

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    xD Transmogrification > heroic deathwing video. you know something wrong there.

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    The people I know who transmogged to BC gear just did that because it's the easiest gear to get that looks good. :P Not saying that Burning Crusade's gear was bad but I mean look at all the brutal gear!

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    Thanks Blizzard for giving casters ZERO 4.3 swords to transmog older stuff to...we'd see some competition for most popular sword if they would have just FUCKING GIVEN US ONE

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    Am I the only one that thinks that the Brutal Gladiator swords, axes, and maces actually look TERRIBLE? They just have points in all the wrong places and all of them look really -really- stupid to me.

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    I don't even give a crap about transmogging weapons on my Rogue because the freaking Landslide enchant drowns the model with the crappy glow and dirt particles anyway.

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    classic weapons some ar good kalimdors revenge and manslayer of the qiraji are prolly most uniqueburning crusade weapons most have crystals and moveable parts but i like brutal pvp weaponswrath weapons 99% of wrath weapons had stupid bandages on them didnt like any of themmy frost dk weapons i use are phantom blades go well with frost dk

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    Quote Originally Posted by senshu View Post
    Clearly the BC weapons dominate transmog because of nostalgia. Oh wait, wouldn't Classic be dominating if that was the reason?
    Cant transmog classic pvp items thats the reason

    Edit ofc you CAN but most cant i pvped in classic but i sure as hell dont play on that char anymore so shit good that does me
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    Lawl at the big orange cardboard cut-out bow being 5th.

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    While the fight does look similar to the normal version, it's mostly about avoiding damage imo. DPS needs to burst things down fast enough so the raid doesn't wipe/ the tank doesn't die, rather than only making things impossibru for healers or tanks for once... Instead of moving out of fire, they now have to prevent a fire (in a manner of speaking). Deathwing as a whole (spine and Madness) is very cool to me and an interesting approach, as I've grown a bit tired of avoiding tail swipes, cleave and fire breaths... And let's be honest, if Deathwing did a tailswipe, he'd have taken out dwarven district aswell.

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    The intro of that movie was already too much to handle for me! awesome

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    I think that the fact that those TBC pvp items are so cheap really does affect how many use them for transmogrification. But also old dungeons and a few raid bosses are soloable.

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