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    All heroic boss kill videos look easy as pie. But I have to say the healing at the end of that fight looks absolutely insane...

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    For the rogue daggers... I think it's less the fact that they look like sword and more than they sheathe on your back AND don't show the retarded landslide effect. Can't get much better than that for transmog.

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    I am not surprised to see benidiction and anetheme as the top 2 for priests.

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    T11 and T12 content was more epic than T13. This statement says nothing about difficulty. :<

    For transmog i keep my heroic T12 druid set until I got enough T13 style pieces. Weapon stays Hammer of the Firelord heroic until I finish my legendary. I'M PINK! (ok, it's violet ;D)
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    so why are all the Hunter (Ranged) weapons melee?

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    The numbers probably had been different if brutal gear wasnt so cheap honorwise

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    hmm, as much as i want to use my terestian on my druid, i haven't got a high level staff with with to transmog, so none of my characters use any of the items listed there :P

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    The druid gear is definitely correct... however, I myself have the staff from Naxx 25 called "Danation" :x

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    Well, most old pvp items / sets are no longer available within the game, vengeful set / weapons. Maybe with nxt Darkmoon they will come for sell.

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    It's nice to see the Royal Crest of Lordaeron up there. It's such a fantastic sprite and it's been a favourite of mine since it was datamined in the Wrath beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakashima View Post
    I don't even give a crap about transmogging weapons on my Rogue because the freaking Landslide enchant drowns the model with the crappy glow and dirt particles anyway.
    I totally agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekkro View Post
    Well, most old pvp items / sets are no longer available within the game, vengeful set / weapons. Maybe with nxt Darkmoon they will come for sell.
    You can buy vengeful/merciless in area 52
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    I think the reason why so many people transmog to TBC gear is because TBC allowed raiding for less hardcore players, so that's where many players got into raiding even those who already played during vanilla but never raided seriously back then. So TBC is where many players have their first raid experiences, the fond memories of learning the mechanics of the game, playing together with friends and finally getting those tier pieces. All those memories are attached to that, so of course people see those sets as superior.On the other hand, despite the fact that not everyone like the dark/death style of wotlk gear, especially ICC has the bad memories attached that it lasted for ages. That makes the gear look less attractive too.This gets especially clear with vanilla gear. It just looks bad compared to even TBC gear (to not even start with post-ulduar hi-res gear). It's mostly the memories attached to it from the times back than. But don't let that devalue the choice for it. It's just that most of the time the choice is not done because the gear was "better" back then but because it has some emotional value to you. I agree that there are few exceptions like the thematic sets like shaman T1 or druid T2 where the way it fits the lore of the class can make up for the lack of quality for the eye.Personally I always liked to see my paladin more as a only-necessarily-lawful-good knight rather than a lawful good zealous inquisitor. I like T2, but I always prefered D3 (TBC-Heroics) over T2 and T6. I even liked the white T8 much more than those. But alliance-paladin T9 just fits the best for what I imagine of my paladin. But I think for paladin most peopel still reforge to T2 or T6 because they either think of a zealous retributor (T2) or a holy justicator(T6). That also affects the weapon choice simply because they have to fit the style of the set, so just look at it. The first 3 weapons match T2, the last two fit T6.I personally use Quel'Delar because Iit does have an emotional value for me as a non-raider back then as a (relatively) powerful weapon that I used for the rest of the expansion (I got it the night before they nerfed the drop from non-elites). So to me it just looks really awesome and I'm unable to to give it a fair judge because of those rose-tinted glasses. (Even though I'm reasonable enough to *not* use it for my D3 transmogged set, not that I could because it's tank..but even if I could I wouldn't)

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    WELL CLEARLY GUYS THIS MEANS THAT BC WAS THE BEST EXPANSION OF WOW.It definitely cannot be related to the fact that Blizzard went absolutely batshit insane with the models during BC, making very few things match, and then taking flak from many of the players who NOW claim that BC Models/gear/raids/pvp/ect was the best WoW has ever been.Nope, could not possibly have anything to do with that.Also: Saying 0% for Cata weapons cannot possibly be true since my Paladin had one right now lol.

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    I watched that whole video for the epic nerd scream at the end only to be MASSIVELY disappointed by the underwhelming and shit nerd scream. D:

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    Is that an Enhance Shaman at the top of the dps charts on the vid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flareside View Post
    Not surprised by the transmog gearing. Why would someone transmog into newish gear they JUST had rather than transmog into gear they haven't worn in years.
    Lol, let's transmog hand of rag into hand of rag! hahahaha

    But really, who'll transmog the gear he just used for, maybe, months again? Transmog works the other way, new is the old, old is the new.

    I can see only a few cases for cata weapon transmog like the 2hand archaeology sword that someone took ages to finally get when 359 is crap and then he just transmog that shit everywhere because he's really pissed for the time wasted lol or Sulfuras that only seems to drop after warmaster dropped his 397 mace, etc. lol

    Altough we're talking about weapons, I do transmog my cata armor with cata armor models. For example, one can finally use matching belt/boots for his T12 ret paladin set instead of DK's belt/boots, or DK's belt for his DK tank tier set, etc. I'm doing that kind of transmog now to "fix" my Tier sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tides View Post
    Is that an Enhance Shaman at the top of the dps charts on the vid?
    Yup, he is:

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    That is one TIGHT enrage. Hits enrage, 21 people die instantly, a second later the rest, besides 1 paladin who allows the dots to kill him

    Differences I've noticed:
    1 new add during tentacle, they kill him before he casts, I'm guessing its lethal if he casts.
    And phase 2, bloods spawn and rush to deathwing to heal him.

    I expected more changes to him than this... Maybe there are, but hey the tight enrage makes it a huge dps and healing intense encounter. Excellent kill.

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    what ? no tempest of chaos on walrocks? shame

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