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    awesome awesome

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    Great satistics, will there be a list of favorite Tier-Sets of the different classes?

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    anyone can write song names from deathwing kill plz, thx a lot

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    lilbuddhaman, it's difficult to tell what you're actually arguing in favour of. Here are some things you've said across a few threads:
    [BC was] Accessible to everyone but with an upper end of play that was truly demanding and unique.
    Prior expansions most bosses either changed completely, were incredibly broken, or were not available at during the betas, and of course normal mode didn't exist either.
    No, wrong. They are harder for the top guilds, yes. But for the other 99% of raiders that see even the heroic content, they don't even get a chance to fight the same version of the boss. It gets a slight nerf after 1-2 weeks, then a major nerf after 4-5 weeks, then it becomes steamroll friendly 2 months in. If you happen to be a guild that is slightly behind in progression, you never actually get to fight the boss in it's original form, heroic or not.
    What are you actually proposing? Remove the PTR so that top guilds do not have the opportunity to practice against the most difficult bosses? Experience has shown that to be ineffective with bosses like Sinestra and Lich King's platforms. You also seem to oppose the stratification and incremental nerfing of raiding. I suppose it can be frustrating wiping at 3% and only downing it the next week after a nerf and not knowing whether you'd have gotten the kill. Incremental nerfing doesn't make a huge difference once world first has been achieved though, pretty much everyone recognises that it is more difficult to get a boss down for the first time. To achieve accessibility and retain raiders willing to devote over seven hours a day to obtaining a world first, it's a necessity. You presumably wouldn't oppose accessibility since you cede that the bosses of the latter expansions are in fact harder for the top guilds. The implementation is sort of similar to FPS games: most will complete it once on normal mode, those that want to steam through it just to check out the hype/story will play through on easy (LFR) and the dedicated players will ramp it up to hardcore (heroic). Hardly anyone complains that Halo has a mode other than legendary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swallowtail View Post
    Stars F** rules. I love every single of em. Very happy that china was 2nd, if not top!

    Stars is from Taiwan, not China.

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    BC has the best weapon models at all nothing can beat em.

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    BC is best sure but it says none are from Cata....

    Quote Originally Posted by Reffoo View Post
    BC has the best weapon models at all nothing can beat em.
    Just wondering, the link for the Rogue weps Twinblade is the 353 ilvl version, which is from Cata, so am I missing something? If 0% are from Cata, then this should be the old wep link, but I know of several people who have mogged the Cata version, since it is much more accessible, so, maybe more than 0%?

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    Quote Originally Posted by naecroknight View Post
    Those lists need more of these Blade of Wizardry, Hammer of Judgement, and Illidari Runeshield.

    You'd see more Blades if casters actually had a sword to loot in 4.3. Blizzard fails.

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    0% of the TOP 5 WEAPONS. Which means none of the top 5 transmog weapons are cataclysm weapons.

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    to be honest i expected sulfuras from firelands to be on warrior list! Oo

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    Shard of Azzinoth

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    Heroic Deathwing 25 man level: Tutorial completed! yes, a tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Storm View Post
    Stars is from Taiwan, not China.
    Too bad Taiwan is still considered part of China in most parts of the world, and also by the UN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    I'm surprised by some of the top 5s...most aren't really that cool to be honest. Rogues with core-hound tooth? lmao
    The CHT doesn't match my current set of gear, but I sure as HELL still have mine - and my Perd's Blade too. They're the only weapons other than pure vanity items I've kept over the years.

    There were certain weapons that, in vanilla, marked you as a "good rogue" for the first time - the fact that you were not just in attendance for Domo and Rag, but were also WORTHY of weapons from them...that was something back then.

    So yeah, it doesn't surprise me at all to see those in the top five for rogues.

    What really surprises me is the lack of super-druidy weapons on druids. Many staves out there scream "druid weapon" - and it's just odd not to see them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Storm View Post
    Stars is from Taiwan, not China.
    Stars might play on Taiwanese servers, but they sure as heck are all Chinese players!

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    So fat kil!!!!!!!!!

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    Any chance you could do ranged weapons for hunters, I want to see how many of rok and how many use wolf slayers.
    Highly skilled sharpshooter, effective against air units. Can gain the Long Rifles upgrade.

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