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    Killed by pally bubble. lul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linitund View Post
    Im curious as to how you got these figures. Currently just seems you pulled them out of thin air. Apologies if I missed something you wrote, just curious about where the stats came from.
    The same way we do for all of our other similar posts, take the data from a large sample of level 85 characters on armory. If you are interested in doing something similar / how to collect similar data, see

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    I absolutely love the WFK Madness kill ending with a Paladin alive and a stack of 24 bodies beside him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inzightlive View Post
    no surprise, cata gear looks awful
    It's not just the gear that's awful! /nyuck

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    not enough nerd scream :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by senshu View Post
    Clearly the BC weapons dominate transmog because of nostalgia. Oh wait, wouldn't Classic be dominating if that was the reason?
    No they don't, it's cause TBC had the proper design team in place, which later got shifted over /fired to other games for Blizzard..

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    Good job on the kill. Looks like a mind-numbingly boring fight.

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    hm i hope you're doing this one again with MoP since all rogues use the pre-legendary daggers but many of us prefer the "swashbuckler sword fighting" style. Maladath is one of my personal top 5 transmogg weapons. damn daggers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napsa View Post
    From Blizzard ofc. mmo-champion is Blizzard's advertisement.
    I apologize for your incorrect statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drush View Post
    A new era has begun
    my thoughts exactly!

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    nerf paladin bubble, lolz jk!
    Niftztwo - Grimbatol [EU] Holy Paladin
    Niftz - Grimbatol [EU] Restoration druid

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    I'd rather see what Hunters are using as their Ranged Weapon Transmogrification. Who cares what they use on their stat stick, especially when that is going away next expansion. I also don't believe Hellreaver is top 5 for our class.

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    Of course Cataclysm gear was going to be the lowest percentage of transmogrifications, as people are still running around in the stuff. Although, I have to admit I have transmogrified a couple of items to other Cata items because I preferred the look of them compared to recent upgrades, mainly the priest tier shoulders as I don't like the look of them on my character.

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    Hi,Could anybody tell me which addons are used by the Fire Mage to display his internal/active cooldowns like Cauterize and Clearcast, in such a neat and flashy fashion?I'm sure it is a must-have which all of you will have been using since the dawn of times, but i'd like to know anyway
    (i believe i see quartz and combustion helper, but i'm interested in the cooldown timer display + flash when up buttons)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    I'd rather see what Hunters are using as their Ranged Weapon Transmogrification. Who cares what they use on their stat stick, especially when that is going away next expansion. I also don't believe Hellreaver is top 5 for our class.
    Agreed, I was hoping to see ranged weapons, sorely disappointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by dproject View Post
    Stars now takes the world 2nd! Asian FTW!
    gz to win a content without a boss encounter
    and who dont miss bc? ;/

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    The reason that BC are so popular is because a one peopel havent seen them alot, and 2 they are easy to get. i personal love my wrathful cleavers because they go on my back, and that is why it's one of the top dk choice's, because 80% are transmoging obsidian cleavers right now. When i get swords tehy will be blinkstrikes and that is nostalgia because it was the first epic i ever saw drop.

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    Stars F** rules. I love every single of em. Very happy that china was 2nd, if not top!

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    rom Blizzard ofc. mmo-champion is Blizzard's advertisement. Only Blizzard would have these kind of stats available. They didn't say sample size or anything about how data was collected so would be logical to assume it is Blizzard internal numbers or just made up.
    lol... or you know, from the armory... "transmogged into" shows on the equipped tool tips, and using some API coding you can pull information from a LARGE number of sources rather quickly

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    Wow 0% from Cata? I knew barely anyone used Cata weapons for transmoging, but 0%!? Also surprised Vanilla is beating Wotlk, even if it's only by 2%.

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