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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    Companion customization is borderline ridiculous. I can understand a different coat of paint for droids but changing the skin and looks of organic companions ?!? Ridiculous.

    I saw you can have a Corso that looks nothing like the Corso you meet. You can make him black or radically change his face. This is retarded, sorry.
    Of all the things to complain about... really.

    Ontopic: Sec vendor on Ilum got an awesome one for Lokin, really makes him look evil
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    I like the character customisations. I've only customised two so far Tharan (I hated his goatee) and Gauld (the broken horn pissed me off so I "fixed" it) lol otherwise my Mako is stock standard.

    I like the ability to change the way your comp looks. It's boring if you see everyone running around with identical Mako's, Tharan's, Kira's etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakaya_Kilrogg View Post
    I'd like to know where they all are, if any of you can shed some light.

    I've found them here (Empire):
    Imperial Fleet (security key vendor)
    Ilum space station (security key vendor... best one for Blizz EVER)

    I know there was another, but I can't recall where. I'd really like to trick out Skadge.

    type "Customization" and press search.

    browse the ones you want, many have screenshots.

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