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    Cheapest video card to run WoW at max?

    I recently got a lot of computer components for Christmas, but for now I'm reusing a cd drive, a harddrive and a video card off of an old computer.
    The computer has an Asus P8P67 REV 3.1 motherboard, an i5 2500k, 8GB of ram, and the video card I currently have is an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT. I am looking to replace it with a newer card, but I was wondering what kind of card would be sufficient to run WoW at maximum settings.

    TL;DR-So I am looking for the cheapest video card that can run WoW at maximum settings, that isn't a piece of junk, and supports dual monitors.

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    Mm.. Well i used a Nvidia GeForce 250GTS and could easily run WoW at max and it could handle other games on reasonable settings too (Managed to run Crysis 2 on Normal settings without overheats and crashes etc for example). I got it for about £75, which to me is a good price for what it can handle. Also supports dual monitor from what i remember.
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    6950 or 6970 might do it, depending on your resolution.

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    What resolution?
    GTX 460 768MiB or HD5770 should do it for 1080p. GTX 460 1GiB and HD 6850 if you want to be doubly sure for sure. Anything above that won't help you when you do the things that pushes your computer, because it will take its toll on the CPU instead.

    I did have the GTX 460 1GiB and now I use the HD6970. I've noticed zero differences in FPS. Up or down. Most of Stormwind is still 55-60 FPS in full Ultra (inc shadows, 16AF 8AA), and 40-50 FPS in Trade District (I've always preferred dwarven district anyway).
    Anywhere else not raiding, Alterac Valley or Tol Barad is a solid, never dropping below 53 from the odd spike (being 60+ avg).

    Those situations are CPU-dependant anyway.
    (Where I run an i5-760 @ 4.0-4.2 GHz)

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