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    Merc Bounty Hunter Leveling\PVP Live Stream

    Currently Leveling a Merc Arsenal Spec'd Bounty Hunter on the PVP East Coast server "The Fatman" (lol). Previous to this I played World of Warcraft for Blood Legion playing a Hunter. I quit WoW due to the grind of hardcore raiding on my school schedule. 4.3 Dragonsoul being an absolute joke no idea what Blizzard is doing in that regard other than getting sloppier and lazier. Not question the difficulty of their encounters but their quality has most certainly gone down. Also the Hunter class being absolutely useless.

    Enough about WoW I just wanted to have a live stream to answer questions to people may be interested in buying the game, interested in leveling a Bounty Hunter, or answer any questions you may have about my experience playing this game. I didn't play beta even though I had access I really couldn't get it working so this is all fresh to me. I will mostly be questing \ PVPing with my friends. Mumble\Ventrilo will have foul language and trolling so if this offends you in anyway please don't tune in. It's a game I like to have fun and if you can't understand that than don't watch. I played all BioWares games including the Knights of the Old Republic series. Even though I didn't like the second one as much but it wasn't made by BioWare.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to advertise or spam myself streaming. I don't do this for money. It's just something I did for Blood Legion a lot and haven't done since I stopped playing WoW and I enjoy doing it. So if this is considered spamming or an annoying advertising post please delete it as those were not my intentions.


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    Lol, I quit WoW shortly before 4.3 as well. RIP Hunters . I also ended up rolling an Arsenal spec Mercenary on The Fatman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jophess View Post
    Lol, I quit WoW shortly before 4.3 as well. RIP Hunters . I also ended up rolling an Arsenal spec Mercenary on The Fatman.
    What's your name in game?

    Stream live

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    Jophess, same as pretty much every game I play..lol

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    pvpin my ballz off right now if anyones interested

    just got da_heatseeker missiles

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    Yeah I know I am watching your stream and see you owning more like abusing them.

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    seems like a lot of tracer spam not sure if I like ;o

    starting up right now

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    ttt for the fatman.

    scope - merc, the fatman

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    Hit 50 awhile ago time for some big dmg tracer spam

    g0ing l1v3 br0z

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    The livestream thread is available for all stream links.

    Please don't spam advertisements.

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