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    Warrior Tank : Dragon Soul - to glyph shield wall or not?

    As title says, should I be glyphing shield wall? I currently have it glyphed, but can't find a scenario where the extra 20% is actually life saving whereas the 2 minutes reduction on shield wall not being glyphed would be beneficial (stomps on hc morchok, impale on MoD, etc)

    Also I have the 4pc normal t13 for the raid bonus to shield wall.

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    Never glyph it 40% is enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad View Post
    Never glyph it 40% is enough
    That's what I was thinking. Apart from warmaster at low hp (hits likens truck) with 3 sunders on me, which even then can be mitigated by a healer cooldown, I cannot think of any scenario where it would be useful. (block+wall for 60% magic reduction anyway)

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    It's not 60% with SB. The shieldwall protects you from 40% of the damage, and SB from 20% of the remaining damage. So the end protection is a bit lower then 60%.

    But I have to agree about never glyphing it.

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    Yeah it's not quite 60% but you get my drift.

    So what should be substituted for it? Currently using shockwave and cleaving.

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    Way too many options, depends on your playstyle, warriors dont have "madatory" major glyphs.
    Intervene (take an extra hit), thunderclap (longer range/less rage), sunder (sunders 2 targets at once), long charge (even more mobility), intercept (1s extra stun). Pick anything.
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    My personal glyph choices for Prot:

    Prime: Devastate(more crits), Revenge(more damage = higher t13-2pc absorb), Shield Slam (10% damage to my power house ability)
    Major: Sunder Armor (good for trash), Cleaving (good for trash), Tclap (good for trash). Really, all these are for trash pulls or 5mans, but there aren't many more options that are better.
    Minor: Demo Shout (saves rage from reapplying), Battle, Berserker Rage (5 rage on demand)
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