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    Sith Assassin takes a lot of skill to be good and keybinds is a must for this class. At lvl 44 you should have tons of abilities to burn 1-2 targets down fast. I suggest you read up on talents and skills and use them appropriately.
    I am lvl 42 at the moment I top almost every warzone in dmg meters and kills. Once again class takes a lot of skill to be good with, not like sniper or trooper.
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    Lvl50 - Assassin PvP Video

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    Assassins have more than enough tools to perform in pvp. The real problem is binding every, since there are so many moved that you need to have quick access to. I am leveling as the pvp spec (deception) I plan to play at 50 just so I can get used to it all.

    You also have to fully aware of the buffs that you acquire from using thrash/valtaic slash, not smashing maul out of stealth (unless it procs off the first one), and utilizing the re-gen you gain out of stealth. People have a tendency to be force starved as assassins because they don't watch their buffs and/or use abilities properly.

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    Interesting topic and I must regret that there is no more lvl 50 assassins here to discuss.
    I'am a lvl 50 assassin valor rank 41 now....half centurion and few pieces of champion equipment, around 17500 hp playing madness 31 and rest of talent points on deception.
    At first I was playing 31 deception points, wich was great until lvl 50.....I was realy enjoying my time in pvp, feeling great 1v1.
    When I hit lvl 50, I used my commendations to by 3 centurion parts of equipment and even with that (having 14500 hp) I was easy prey for almost everyone there.
    Then I read some forums and changed to madness, which I must admit, is fun to play. And I also used my future commendations on Survivalist pvp equipment which gave me lots of HP, but my bonus dmg and crit chance suck greatly (my crit is now around 13,50%) <--- shame for a "rogue", but now at least I don't die that much and I'am pretty good for carrying hutball as well.
    I do have some unanswered questions....because, when match is over, I'am usually bottom third of damage list, having around 100-150k damage done and I can see top of the list with 250k-300k and more (other inquisitors, bounty hunters, warriors, sometimes agents). Ok, I'am playing combination that doesnt give crits or bonus dmg that much....but is it possible that difference is that big or is it just my problem that I don't know how to stay alive with 16k hp and probably 20-25% crit chance. And, in my experience, 1v1 is much easier going deception then madness, but 8v8 is other way around......
    Feel free to write something....would love to hear other experiences.

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