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    Another weapon thread

    I vaguely remember a discussion about H-Experimental Specimen Slicer vs 403 Gurthalak but for the life of me I can't find it now so forgive this inane thread. From what I recall Gurthalak was stronger if RNG favored you, but weaker if not, is that still the case a few weeks later when more testing can be done? As someone who raids 10s I'd like to get this worked out before H-ESS drops since we might only see it once the entire tier and I'd hate to pass it our OT as a gesture of good will if it is in fact significantly better than Gurthalak. Should be noted that I am a human so the expertise is a factor albeit a small one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Definitely pick it up, as the increased weapon damage puts it ahead of Gurthalak (with average procs), and is also a great OH weapon for when you need it for fury.

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    Figured as much, thanks.

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    Normal Gurthalak should be stronger on average than HM Experimental Specimen Slicer. On AOE fights it should be significantly stronger. RNG is a factor of cause - the shorter the fight, the bigger the gamble on getting good procs with Gurth becomes.

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