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    The Patient Rayvene's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Illinois, USA
    Darth Vaedra Eisengel

    I like it, she's got sort of a cold personality I suppose... so maybe it fits... but I wrote a program to generate random names since I couldn't pick one myself...

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    Falcon Crest. Ofc it matches. I love the soap.

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    I am Murloc! Viradiance's Avatar
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    AFK in dalaran
    I plan to be Master Lisia Vohn. Very Star-Warsy. But I'm also on an RP server, so...
    Classic servers are silly.

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    I just kinda made something up since I'd already used my old Wow name. (Ragnarocket)
    I ended up going with Lectras...dunno why it just seemed kinda cool, so now my complete title is:

    Ragnarocket Lectras, The Champion of the Grand Hunt

    Lengthy no? :P

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    I went with Nebakenezer Von'Hellscream.
    Alts are..
    Burk Von'Hellscream
    Killjoy Von'Hellscream
    Villain Von'Hellscream

    Kinda had to give a shout out to the 7 years of wow, plus it sounds badass.

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    Lord Tybek Maar.

    Wanted to try and sound as sith-like as possible, also on a RP server so >>

    Though I kinda wish I knew the surname was server wide, gonna be odd having a non-sith with the same last name.

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    I went with Delta and chose it to work like a title so now I'm Sergeant Thirty-Eight with "the Delta legacy" under my name.

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    Gladiator Win Loss


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    The Patient
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    Quebec, Canada
    I chose mine because it sounded awesome:

    Lord Vexus Shadowmantle

    Just seemed so awesome for a pure dark side sith

    I also have Valindra Shadowmantle for my sorc PvP alt.

    I just think the legacy system is the niftyest thing ever put into an MMO, it's so awesome and I cannot give Bioware enough kudos for thinking about it. Now if only the servers were not 40 minutes late coming back online! =(

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    Used my last name Marr, gotta compete with the other darth

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    My character is a really fat guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zurk View Post
    Eh im lvl 32 by now, and nothing about any legacy have popped up yet. Granted im still on tattoine... Anything regarding the story line you have to complete first?

    you have to finish chapter 1 of your class quests.

    at about level 16 i focused on class quests only and was ready for my final chapter 1 quest at 29... of course it was waaaay too hard so i got to 31 and barely completed it. was very very challenging.


    legacy is 'Greyblade' btw.

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    No, the "PICK ONE NOW DAMN IT" box wouldn't go away and I rushed it :-(

    Also, didn't realise until too late you could have "The <name> Legacy", so I picked something that sounded Surname-esque.

    Essentially, I totally ballsed it up.

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    I completely forgot that if you choose to display your surname as a title it adds in the Legacy part, for some reason I thought it just threw a The onto your surname. So I choose Darkstar,after one of my favorite characters nicknames from the ASoIF books, thinking I could display it as Temeluchus The Darkstar.

    Didn't work out that way and Lord Temeluchus Darkstar still works, might have to rename an alt or two because the surname doesn't match their first names or just toggle it off for them.

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    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Nih'lathak Opress

    I chose Nih'lathak because I like the way it sounds and is an obvious lift from the Diablo 2 character.
    I chose Opress because I am Zabrak and the Opress name is Zabrak (Maul, Feral, Savage) so I like to think I am their ancient Sith Marauder ancestor.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Rotterdam. The netherlands
    Therian Farlance, Rider of the mealstrom

    i had a hard time choosing the legacy name. im still not too sure about it but it does kinda fit with my name and my other chars atm. Xeniar and Leonith
    so yeah :P

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    Amongst the Gods of Chaos in the Warp
    Ironwall Kondi'k ( without ' already taken by another char of mine )

    Stuck with me since Warhammer Online ( played a Chaos Warrior Tank )
    Nobody should be suprised, now I play a Sith Juggernaut

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    Theres only ONE true legacy name.

    Carlos Spicyweiner

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    My legacy name is Stormbinder. The character I'm playing currently is based off of Storm from Marvel comics so she is named Ororo. I felt very cleaver doing this, didn't want her last name from the comics, since the character wears white shooting lighting. But I don't think anyone gets it. :/

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    Smuggler - Zapp Brannigan

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