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    I'm not using mine as a last name, but it's Bluesky. Wonderbrah, The Bluesky Legacy. It's a Breaking Bad reference , my alt's name is Heisenberg.

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    I'm pissed that someone already had Montoya as their legacy name on my server...but I really couldn't think of anything else so I made Imontoya.
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    I was a smuggler and seeings I was gonna have a crime family, I went with Amicci. All but my main have Italian names.

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    I'd say so. Atm its Baroness Starsong Freeflight. (lightside bounty hunter)

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    Mine will, as soon as I get a toon through Chapter 1 (been leveling Cybertech & Artifice more-or-less simultaneously to keep mods efficient). Mine are acronyms, spelled out (El'emefa'yo, LMFAO) and I plan my Legacy name to be similar.

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    mine is hidden... too many names and titles...

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