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    Read my post. Then play one to 50, then play a rogue to 85.

    Quote Originally Posted by mickybrighteyes View Post
    They use a 2h weapon, enchant their weapons to do elemental dmg and utilize dmg proccs off their attacks..... Shaman?

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    Aren't "Tell me what to play" threads against the rules on this forum?
    ^ The above should be taken with two grains of salt and a fistful of "chill the F* out".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Companiet View Post
    Hmm, Assasins NOT like rogues? i beg to differ...
    Cloak of shadows=force shroud
    Vanish=Force Cloak
    Blackout=The talentet thing in Assasination tree.
    Spike=Cheap shot.
    Force speed=A nerfed Sprint.
    Low Slash=Gouge (exactly the same)
    Let's fix your list a bit. Most classes in ToR have an interrupt, hell most wow classes have it and unlike kick jolt has a small bit of range to it so not exactly best to use this as a why they're similar. Voltaic slash is absolutely nothing like Mutliate. If you wanted to compare it to anything it'd be like weirdly combining the idea behind envenom and sinister strike into one move. Electrocute and Kidney shot are nothing a like outside of the fact that both are stuns. If anything it's more HoJ and the complete lack of any combo points needed to pull off the stun makes the two not very similar at all. Lacerate like FoK? Eh, stretching here but I'll give you this one just because the only real difference is the concept behind them one being a more melee concept the other ranged. Also you mean Dark Embrace instead of Blackout, Blackout would actually be something a little different about assassins. Assassinate also=/=Backstab, at least the current or even previous incarnations. It's a generic execute ability for Assassins and rather than take over as your main bread and butter CP generating ability is on a short 6 second CD. Not to mention the functionality of backstab through crit talents is quite different. If anything maul is more similar to the old backstab but in a way not because you really only use it with an Exploit weakness proc.

    There's no denying they're similar to rogues in WoW. I personally call assassins a kind of a rogue without combo points. However when it comes down to it the fundamental idea behind the rogue archetype, not just the WoW rogue here, is stealth gameplay and assassins don't quite hit that on the head as well as operatives do. But that's actually the two key differences that separate them from rogues. The energy mechanic is effectively the same but the complete lack of any combo point mechanic and a much more proc based damage spec, at least for deception, makes them a fair bit different once you get out of the fact that they both have stealth. It plays more like a stealth enhancement shaman with energy instead of mana behind it. Operatives have a combo point eqsue mechanic and are much much more reliant on their stealth. Honestly as an assassin not getting to start the fight in stealth is an inconvenience that's easily overcome, for an operative it's a real problem in PvP. I love my assassin but when it comes down to it for those looking for the true rogueish game play operative is a little closer to home. Both story wise and combat wise operatives are rogues while assassins are at best a kind of rogue lite.
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    Blackout (Talented) can very much be compared to the talent in Assasination for rogues.

    Read Voltaic Slash description, Hits target two times. Kind of like mutilate, dont you think?.
    As i specified, you MAY disagree with my list, but essentially the abilities does the same things, with a little twist.

    Having a rogue in WoW, and playing a Assasination Inquis, i can with confidence say that they play very much alike. And for your proc based spec speach, i cant think of any important procs other than the reduced cost for Maul (Dont count in increased damage for discharge, it should be used on CD).
    Also, i thought operatives were ranged with some melee stuns/disables.

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    It's not nonsense. First, unless you're a tank, you're extremely fragile as a shadow/assassin. The longer you stay out of stealth the more likely you are to get railroaded. Second, mind maze is an essential tool. Must be in stealth to use it. Finally, our regen is higher upon exiting stealth. More regen means more melee attacks, our damage is comparatively lower than virtually every other melee damage class and, unlike scoundrel, our zero cost attack is 4m.

    How many times have you been in a situation and decided not to use your combat stealth because you felt it wasn't necessary? I've used it a tons, sometimes escape, other times to slam down a mind maze on a healer, and also to get another comparatively shitty knock down.

    Shadow was designed to have the liabilities associated with stealth class but without the requisite burst.

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