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    Final comments on a build/Looking for a monitor

    So I'll admit to being an absolute idiot when it comes to computer hardware, and all the research in the world doesn't help if you don't understand the language you're reading, so I'm in search of help. Quite a bit of it apparently. XD

    1A. Currently building a unit around CyberpowerPCk, taking their Gamer Xtreme 1000 SE and messing with a handful of things for my liking. Its cheaper than what I had been building but overall...I'm not sure if I'm better off buying the parts myself and building a machine or just going through a site like that. Keep in mind, I'm computer/hardware illiterate.

    1B. Right now, with that site (if it isn't suggested to do one myself) I'm putting together a unit around a GeForce GTX 560 2GB. The upgrade from 1 GB to 2 was free, but I'm wondering if its worth the extra cash to upgrade it to the Ti. I'm throwing in a 1000w power supply to eventually add in another GFX card so I dunno if its worth biting the bullet now or what.

    2. I know absolutely nothing about overclocking and thus dunno if I'll be doing it. With that in mind, I've been told by an IT buddy that I oughta put in a i5-2500 over an i5-2500k. Think I should or not?

    3. I'm in search of a monitor! I'm looking to spend something between 170 and -maybe- 220 but I'd prefer to keep it at/under 200 and either 23 or 24 inches. A few I'm looking at at the moment... (Though it seems I can't post links yet so I'll post titles instead...)

    ASUS ML239H
    SAMSUNG S24A350H
    ASUS VW246H

    I'm trying to balance quality with availability and I just can't seem to find many places that a reviewer has it and explains it anymore then "ZOMG I WUV DIS THANG!". So any help would be appreciated

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    1A. You're better off buying the parts yourself.
    1B. The upgrade to the Ti will boost performance greatly.
    2. i5-2500k is for Overclocking. If you aren't planning on overclocking in the future then the i5-2500 would be fine.
    3. I purchased a Samsung UN22D5000 (22" LED Television) for $199.99. Not sure what else to say about that, I purchased a TV so that I could hook up consoles to it as well. It also has speakers too.

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    1. Well see, after adding up warranties and what not it always seems a comparable machine ends up being MORE than a prebuilt one. I was under the impression you'd get better for the same price if you make it yourself. On top of that, I try going through Marest's builds and most are sold out. And I have no idea what the heck Chaud is saying with his names for his builds of the month. >,<

    2. But should I plan on doing it? I'm not entirely sure what it is at this point and most people seem to say "than I wouldn't worry about it" past that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litesung View Post
    1A. You're better off buying the parts yourself.
    I'm gonna comment on this right now. Building a computer isn't going to save you very much money currently. Right now, I would spend more to build the build I'm going with than having it prebuilt with nearly the exact same parts. While it doesn't seem exceptionally difficult to build a computer, there are certain things that are one shot deals, and if you screw up you're out a part that may have cost you 80-100 dollars or more. In all honesty, if you can get a desktop prebuilt for less than maybe 50 dollars more than you would spend on buying each individual part, I would buy it pre-built. Saves you the hassle and the worry of bricking something.

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