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Sr. Community Coordinator David Bass
  • Confirmed that the daily for warzones now now has a requirement of 6 warzones (up from three) but that wins now count as 2 warzones.
  • Clarified that Tracer Missile stacks a a debuff on your target and without "Light 'Em Up" it takes 5 shots to fully stack (3 shots with); and that Tracer Lock grants a buff on yourself that increases the damage of your next Rail Shot. Tracer Lock is not affected by the skill "Light 'Em Up".
  • Stated that they are still looking at officially attending RTX this year, but even if they don't he personally will be there with Taun Fawn codes.

Systems Designer David Hunt
  • Reiterated that the baseline for crit crafting gear depends on the difficulty in the crafting GUI. Orange difficulty is 10% and Yellow, green, and gray have 15% chance. You can get a max of a 5% bonus from a companion at max affection. If a companion has a trait bonus is listed that it a percentage bonus (if it says your companion has a +2 bonus to a skill that means that character has +2% change to get a crit result on that skill).
  • Crafting and mission both have the same set-up for crit chances.
  • Stated that in order to ad an augment slot to gear in 1.3 you will need an augment kit which will be made by crafters. You get the mats needed tp make these from RE'ing crafted gear.
  • The only way kits can be obtained is from other players.
  • The schematic for the kits will be obtained from the trainers.
  • Augment kit mats are not random and will be in addition to the things you get for RE'ing currently.
  • Currently you have to RE 10 pieces of gear to get mats for 1 kit (this could change after 1.3 is put on the test server).

Sr. Designer Austin Peckenpaugh
  • "In the current game, the way our math works is that multiplicative mods are summed in their entirety and then applied, such that if you received a 33% damage bonus to Unload, and then received a 25% damage bonus to Unload, you'd receive a [1+0.33+0.25=1.58] damage increase to Unload, NOT a [(1+0.33)*1.25=1.66] damage increase to Unload."