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    The Dreadmasters new style

    So I went and did the Belsavis quest with the dreadmasters today and noticed that their looks have been changed quite drastically.
    I'm not sure if this was done in todays patch or not but I couldn't find a post about it so I figured I'd share. (Sorry for the crappy screen, it was all I managed to grab)

    Previously the dreadmasters had a very distinct look, almost anime style. Not really sure why they needed these ugly gold things instead.

    Found a comparison video:
    And a picture link
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    in noticed this think this is your before one.


    I guess theyre updating them for when they become raid bosses? in the torhead leak a while ago the dreadmasters were operation bosses in 1.3

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    Yeah that's what I figure as well. Probably for visibility or something. Just think it's a bad idea to change them this late, specially when people already got used to (and liked) their old appearance.

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    Tbh if they had matching robes it'd be pretty nice. But they don't. So it just looks stupid.

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    I quite like the new style. Really hits the spot with this 'three musketeers' style.

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    This was done before todays patch. Did this questline 3 days ago and they had these new masks.

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    I like how the new masks look friendlier than the old styles when they're called The Dreadmasters

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    Looks ok its a bit plain.

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    People fear them?
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    They should of skipped putting a mouth on each mask. They look like a type of gremlin. If they make body armor to match, then maybe it will look better.

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    Think it was done in 1.2.
    Noticed the change when leveling my operative.

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    i find it awesome, its kind of ugly, but as a "ceoncept designer" you have to learn to live with those, even make thing like those.
    i like them.
    yeah new robes would be better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juubo View Post
    Think it was done in 1.2.
    Noticed the change when leveling my operative.
    Hmm odd, could have sworn I went there after that.

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    The change makes sense if they will be updated as Operation bosses. As much as I liked their old look, it was just some of the best headgear available to players. Operation bosses need their own, unique look.

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    They look a little like Dagoth Ur.

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    I think they are trying to distinguish them form looking like other players in PvP gear...because that is not really epic. I'm not fond of their new masks, kinda weird gold kabuki thing...but, we'll see what happens.

    The story line and their attitudes are still awesome.

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    Wow thats too bad, their original look was much better =/

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    I think they look awesome like this personally.


    Do they look like this at the end of the Denova raid quest? (I have yet to do it, been PVPing too much ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotsdontcry View Post
    I think they look awesome like this personally.


    Do they look like this at the end of the Denova raid quest? (I have yet to do it, been PVPing too much ).
    Yes, I'm like 95% sure that by the time we duke it out with them they will have had a total remake from Belsavis

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    I'm glad to see that the rumors regarding lore toward 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 seem to be reliable.

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