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    From what i understant its an MMORPG which goes back to the roots of Lineage 1 which was a mix of ultima and diablo, so its not even the same type of game, its an isometric mmorpg, not sure how this actually works out never played and ismetric diablo style mmorpg and i still think the WoW/Swtor combat model is much superior for pvp fights while the fun in Diablo comes from godlike powers and destroying hundreds of mobs, not a complex combat system.

    Seems interesting anyway but you cant really compare it to Diablo 3 which is a single player RPG with some multiplayer elements. Its like playing Dragon Age Origins and saying this is how WoW should have looked like, both have similar camera and combat but are two completely different games.

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    I like ncsoft. I played City of Heroes before WoW so have that to thank for getting me into MMOs, and it's f2p now. It's still kind of fun the sheer number of different combinations of looks and powers you can have, and the updates have been steady as they have been consistant. To still have a playerbase after all this time to have full servers at times after all these years is a sign that they must be doing something right. For me it's just the crazy amounts of freedom and customisation they give each player, even if they're not a sub player now. But they really do one hell of a grind fest in their games, not to mention randomised maps that are rotated throughout the game I mentioned.

    However to compare games to each other and to conclude that it will be an x-killer or it will make y look like rubbish is a bit silly.
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    there were so many "diablo with better graphics" and all failed to be as good as d2
    not sure if d3 will be better than d2 tho

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    Gameplay >>>> Graphics

    I don't give a shit about things being shiny and good-looking, I want a game that entertains me. 'Tis why I still play NES games today.
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    So...Diablo 3 could have been a game with anime-esque exaggerated weapon sizes and two fewer classes in exchange for being able to make out the hairs on the Orcs' balls a little more clearly?

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    I don't know about NCSoft's being able to make a "better D3", but from what I've seen so far of the info on D3 and how much they've watered it down from its original concepts (many of which were actually in playable form before being taken out), it won't take a genius to outdo D3, much less find a way to extend its replay value. Without skill points or an offline mode, D3's replay value completely tanked before it even got out to the public. The "have" and "have not" effect of a RMT auction house coupled with the stat system being damn near a bit for bit WoW clone doesn't help either. Sadly, D3 has been relegated to being filler material in Blizzard's roadmap and basically it's there to keep players around until Titan hits the shelves. All of their resources are going to Titan, and it's very plainly obvious to anybody with half a brain that D3 got whacked because it wasn't deemed important enough for more than a modest crew to work on.

    I too, care less about "oooh, shinies!" than actual gameplay. And D2 had gameplay in spades. I still play mods like Hellfire and Eastern Sun for D2 to this day. Think we're ever going to see a single mod for D3 (at least a legit one)? Not without an offline mode. Why else do you think Blizzard decided it had to offer the Annual Pass for WoW and make D3 essentially free (even the collector's edition is free once you factor in that buying it counts as four months of WoW time toward your Annual Pass subscription)?

    I have no real hopes for D3 beyond its initial playthrough for each character. After that, it'll be utterly worthless. FWIW, Blizzard's quality isn't going up, it's going down. We've seen it with WoW. D3 is blatant filler material and no offline mode for user mods. SC2 has no LAN mode (which was a dealbreaker for me). Blizzard wants control over the player, and hey that'd be fine if their quality remained top notch, but it hasn't. That's why so many people were looking forward to SW:TOR - it isn't that Blizzard's stuff is getting old, but instead that it's getting stale. You can have old and be fresh, as D2 clearly demonstrates.

    That said, if you're going into a game with expectations based off another game, you'll disappoint yourself every time. Go look at the game and play it if you can, and make your judgement off that. If you like it, then you like it. If somebody else doesn't like it, so what? All that matters in the end is what you think. You know the saying - one man's trash is another's treasure. There's lots of games out there - play what you like, and move on from what you don't like.
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    As someone in the D3 beta this game captures my interest more because of the graphics. Yeah I believe in Gameplay > Graphics but at a FIRST glance, this seems cooler.

    Anyways, looks really nice, will wait to see more info on it!

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    @Squishy Tia Your whole post is opinion upon opinion. Comments like "D3 got whacked because it wasn't deemed important enough for more than a modest crew to work on" are extremely false. It's a widely known fact that Blizzard is considered a very prestigious company and tends to pick the best quality workers for their projects.There's a reason they tend to win multiple awards with every game and expansion they release.

    Hell, your remark about the CE being "free" is wrong. The thing is estimated at being 90 bucks, wouldn't be surprised to see it hit 100+ since we're talking about Activision. I don't know about you but if you're paying month-to-month for the annual pass (which in itself is a bad idea, if you plan on giving them a years worth of money, might as well spend the least possible) it's 15 x 4 being 60. That's still missing 30+ bucks on the CE that you wouldn't have had to spend otherwise. There's also the fact that not everyone that plays Diablo plays World of Warcraft and vice versa. The Annual Pass was to get more people playing D3 and to *hopefully* use the RMT AH so they can rake in the dough hand over fist.

    For all those "working" features that were removed, that is completely normal for Blizzard to do. They constantly iterate and reiterate and reiterate. They put in and take out features on a very regular basis and have done so with every single game they've released. If they feel for whatever reason the system isn't going to work, they remove it. If they feel it doesn't fit properly for whatever reason, it's gone. That's how they've always been. You might see it come back later, you might not. Nothing is final until it's actually released. That's just how Blizzard has always worked.

    Diablo 3 will be a revered and widely successful game. If it isn't, which is highly doubtful, then Blizzard will lose huge amounts of money that they predicted would be rolling into their pockets and we'll see a lot of changes inside Blizzard. Then again, it's extremely doubtful anything of the sort will happen.

    Everyone judges the book by its cover and expects more than is ever said. There is a very good reason thousands, probably millions of people are waiting very anxiously for this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    ncsoft makes shiny, nice looking, pieces of poop
    Haha, couldnt have said it better myself.

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    Lamo OP doesnt know who ncsoft is. Hey il educate you ncsoft sucks at maintenance, they collect your money then leave that game to die.

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    Yet another Diablo clone... I've played games from this company before and the way they treat their games is even worse than blizzard also another problem that may not bug you is because its not US based you are always going to be at least 1 year behind on gameplay

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    This game looks fun, I will probably pick it up and diablo 3 Thank you for linking it to me, I had never heard of this game or series before!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunkJuice5 View Post
    ncsoft makes better mmos period
    Wikipedia: Diablo III is an upcoming dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game.
    I dont see anything about MMO in that...
    Maybe do some research before you say anything?

    Blizzard have managed to keep Diablo 2 alive for almost 12 years now, and even with the graphic it got, there are still quite some players playing it, and really enjoying it.
    And as i said in my first post... If they can manage that with Diablo 2, im pretty sure Diablo 3 will be even better, not because of the graphic, but because of the actual gameplay.

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    So many people getting defensive.
    Complaining about asia grinder is a moot point when diablo series is all about killing legions of mobs. I think the video just showed some nice features i would have liked to see in d3.

    Btw why the ncsoft hate? Played tabula rasa before it went down and Guild Wars under their flag, didn't encounter problems with the company.

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    I like the look of the drag, could be rather fun.

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    That teaser does look good, the mouse drag makes it alot more appealing to me. Me want.
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    When I think of NCSOFT, I think of Aion. When I think of Aion, I think of grind, and bots. The game may be awesome, but it'll be full of bots which ruins the game. D3 is going to be better.

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    NCSoft? Bitch please

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    The mouse drag is a bad play, it's like the toys for children you see advertised on TV - it's only fun for about as long as they let you watch.

    I can already say I'd be not only bored, but tired of having to mouse drag all the time. It's new, but it's not really that creative or interesting, and the shiny will wear off real fast. Looking at the actual gameplay, it looks even more watered down and less interesting than D3.

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    Didn't people also complain that SC2 wasn't in the traditional style compared to the original SC? Look how that turned out.

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