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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    ncsoft makes shiny, nice looking, pieces of poop
    luv that, and 100% agreed xD

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    Can anyone remind me when the last time was that NCSoft made a good game?

    Having said that, the trailer looks nice but the gameplay a little lackluster but interested to see how it pans out.

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    Game looks very good.

    Going to have to toss aside my Blizzard fanboyism, this game honetly makes Diablo 3 look like out-dated trash from 2005.
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    Blizzard is about maximizing the appeal and the amount of players that can play the game on older systems. Why make a game only X% can play when we can lower the graphical intensity and settings and have 2x as many players be able to play the game. Its not that they don't want to, it just doesn't financially make sense for them.

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    A better expansion.
    NCSoft games are aimed at the Asian/Japan market.

    I still think I would like Diablo more than that game.

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    Diablo is the true hack&slash.

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    That game is a gleaming silver turd

    It may not look like crap, but it sure smells like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    ncsoft makes shiny, nice looking, pieces of poop
    This is my thoughts exactly. NCsoft is crap, always have been and I'm sure they always will be.

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    I have to thank you people for spewing your mindless ncsoft hate, every post pushes the thread higher to the top guaranteeing that more can see it. So despite your messages content low value as they contribute nothing to the topic at hand and utter lack of backing up your statements, you help my thread staying alive. Thanks for playing!

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    Dont judge a game because of the graphics, judge the game from its actual gameplay!!
    Minecraft is among the latest released games, and the graphics in that is just horrible...BUT, people still enjoys it because of the actual gameplay!!
    So stop saying that NCSoft will make a better game than Diablo 3 only because you see the graphics.. Start juding it when you can see the actual gameplay, and not just a small part of it!

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    ehh, something about it makes it seem like its not that great. plus ncsoft's reputation doesnt help my view of the game
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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    ncsoft makes shiny, nice looking, pieces of poop
    this lol.

    blizzard makes "games"...ncsoft makes trailers.

    the game play/combat smoothness etc would be a world of a difference between diablo 3 and Lineage Eternal.

    PS: Lineage 2 ...still has one of the best graphics in any MMOs out there....for a 7 yr old game thats impressive....not much can be said about gameplay though.

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