View Poll Results: What would you do to get into beta?

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  • Let Colin Johanson fart into your mouth

    1 6.25%
  • Punch your mom in the face

    0 0%
  • Go down on a fat chick

    6 37.50%
  • Jerk off in front of your grandma

    0 0%
  • Play WoW for another year

    6 37.50%
  • Get an abortion

    3 18.75%
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    If you had to chose one thing to do to get into beta...

    What would it be?

    Yeah, lets not create childish, inapropriate polls. I get that this is the internet but we like to at least pretend to be grown ups from time to time in these parts. Infracted. -Edge
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    Go down on a fatty

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    Man, I'd fuck someone fat anyways, so it's a win regardless for me!

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    Play WoW for another year.
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    Get an abortion.

    (it's not very effective if you aren't pregnant)

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    Let Colin Johnson fart in my mouth? I wouldn't let anyone do that for any beta.
    Punch my mom in her face? Maybe... nah
    Go down on a fat chick? Depends on how fat and just how actually gross they are. There are some good looking fat chicks after all.
    Jerk off in front of my grandma? No
    Play WoW for another year? If I had to pay, no. If I were not paying a sub then I'd play it anyways.
    Get an abortion? Hell no, I'm not even a girl.

    You have to realize that GW2 is probably very buggy and probably has a lot of problems with the game. Probably not so much where the game is terrible, but if I were in the beta, I wouldn't play it for pure enjoyment, that is very jade-minded. Beta is for testing. I'm not going to go out of my way to play something that may be so bad where it leaves a bad taste in me with its current state. What we've seen thus far are things that are only mildly complete. Even the boss fight we have seen fighting the dragon was changed several times between different conventions because it was either too hard or too easy and you could find some things in the fight that were quite buggy. That seems to be some of their most complete work.
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    What kind of weird topic is this. It was okay without the poll, but with the poll it's just weird, and kinda offensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ynna View Post
    What kind of weird topic is this. It was okay without the poll, but with the poll it's just weird, and kinda offensive.
    Uh oh, sounds like someone is a fat chick!

    But seriously, tell me how to get rid of the poll and I will, I honestly meant to add an "other" option and for peeps to kind of make up their own. Or an admin can just delete it, don't matter to me.

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    also it's not very effective if you're a guy, so i voted "get an abortion"

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