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    Discipline Priest Spells

    Hey there.

    I'm a Disc priest, focusing mainly on instances rather than raids.

    Can anyone give me a few pointers as to which hotkeys I should assign to which spells to make it easier for me to heal?...
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    I have my stuff set up like this, but i raid so it might be too much for just dungeons.


    then I have 5-0 as mouse over macroes in Vuhdo(healing addon) for PW:S, GH, PoH, FH, BH macroed to my mouse.

    Priests have a lot of spells, so getting a good healing addon helps a lot. I love Vuhdo, it tells me everything I need to know.

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    You have to approach discipline healing with a certain mindset. In other words, you have to know what it feels like to heal as a discipline priest.

    The most direct way to get an immediate grasp of a particular spec and it's fundamental mechanics in 4.3 is to look at that spec's Mastery Bonus, and to look at the list of its spells and abilities.

    I was gonna go into more detail, but this thread is very useful: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...or-New-Raiders
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    It doesn't matter which spells you have bound to which keys as long as you're binding things to keys you can actually reach (I can't reach 6 so I stop at 5).
    Getting a naga mouse or a steelseries cata mouse with the extra yummy-goodness buttons can also help you out. I personally love the steelseries cata mouse because it's buttons are unique so the chances of a misclick are much lower (for me at least).

    I personally use 1-5, Q, E, shift-E, then 9 buttons on my cata mouse (with a shift modifier for each, resulting in 18 spells bound to just my mouse)

    I think every spell is important at one point or another but if I had to narrow it down to a few:
    PoH, PW:S, Penance, PoM, GHeal, Binding Heal
    I usually prefer to Smite/Holy Fire rather than Heal usually and even more so in dungeons but again, that's preference. (I hate threads like this because every response you get is going to be opinion/preference)
    Pain Supp, Dispel and Desperate Prayer (if you have it) should be bound as well. (Though, I can't remember how often you use dispel in dungeons.)

    Anyway, I'm sure I missed stuff. Hopefully you find something useful in my post-ful of jibber jabber.

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    46 binds total
    here are the first few i can remember
    smite/holyfire q/e
    pws f
    flash 2
    gheal 6
    holy nova 7 (I've got big hands lol)
    penance 4
    renew c
    pom shift f
    poh r
    painsup shift t
    focus painsup ctrl t
    PI macro (uses jaws if its equipped) shift r
    PI to dps (spriest) ctrl r
    and loads of others i can't remember
    For my UI I have my frames, grid and the only buttons anywhere NEAR the middle of the screen I have hidden, I only show abilities/items integral to my spec which have a cooldown, I like to have as much space as possible on my screen.
    Bad screenshot:
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    vandetz - that looks like derevka UI(taleofpriest.com), was it like that you used his UI as base ?

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    Nope, the base of my UI is cohesion's edit of TukUI but i've added a lot of my own stuff to it and moved a lot around etc.

    Maybe he uses the same, but I wasn't aware of his UI beforehand.
    The wildest priest in the world.

    <Depthcore>, 3days 10M, world 93. Recruitment CLOSED. Truly exceptional applications always considered!

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