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    Holy and PW:S talents

    I used to play my disc priest quite a bit back in wotlk but stopped when cata came out because I did not like the disc changes. Recently I switched to holy and gave it another try and found out I really liked it. I know using PW:S as holy isnt that great by itself but I see its possible to take all the PW:S talents from the disc tree. Holy still misses out the Mastery benefit that Disc receives but is just taking the talents from the Disc tree, Improved PW:S and Soul Warding, worth adding in shielding more to our spell rotation? So far I'm only doing dungeons and I'm almost to the point where I can do LFR but I do find the extra shielding does help. Before my shield would be gone in one hit but with the talents the tank can take a few hits before the shield is burst. Good idea or waste of time?

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    No, it is not worth shielding as Holy. Only at low levels (sub level 70 imo) should one use PW: Shield with any frequency as a Holy Priest, but even then you should not talent it.

    PW: Shield is merely a utility spell as Holy when specced into Body and Soul. You are much better off casting a Flash Heal or Guardian Spell as a life saving spell.

    Do not ever shield the tank (unless you need to for B&S speed boost) with a Disc Priest in your group!
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    It's viable as long as you don't have a Disc in the raid and aren't stealing their rapture cooldowns and what not. The HPM of a Shield is pretty poor as holy because you lack Rapture, but it's still a viable heal. Although you shouldn't need Soul Warding for a bubble here & there.
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    It's just unnecessary. Holy has other tools that do the same job more effectively and efficiently. One problem is that you are wasting talent points and potentially a prime glyph slot by using PW:S.

    I also played Disc in Wrath and switched to Holy fulltime for Cata. It's worthwhile learning to not use PW:S as a heal, I'd even recommend unbinding it at first.

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    Clutch shields as holy can sometimes save someone's life. But like the others have said, don't sacrifice talents to make your shields better.

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    Nooooo. If you're in a raid and you shield a tank you're going to seriously piss off any disc priests in the group! Don't even bother talenting it. For progression as shadow you could pick up improved pws if you don't have a disc priest but honestly as holy don't talent or use it often, more often than not serenity > flash > greater will be better than pws > whatever. Also in an emergency situation just use GS on the tank and have done with it
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    As Holy, I'll still shield someone who's low. It's instant and can/sometimes does make enough of a difference to hold out until that next cast comes. It's rare, but it's there.

    Is it an efficient option? No. Is it effective? Sometimes. And that's all that counts. But it's still definitely not enough to warrant talenting.
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