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    Can't open Curse.com?

    So, I just got a new computer recently, and I can't open the curse site to redownload my addons.. internet explore just flat out tells me I can't connect, and chrome is telling me there's a redirect loop...

    is there a fix for this? Please help!

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    Did you get any responses? I am having the same issue.

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    Exact same issue here since 4.3 hit :/ Can't figure it out myself so hoping someone will be able to help.

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    Was able to connect to Curse just fine with Firefox.

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    Don't use IE Just kiddin' !

    The only problem I've had with Curse is getting a virus through the client on my old pc >.>.. Site worked fine tho.
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    What OS / browser / browser version / browser extensions are you guys who cannot connect using?

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    Also, I believe some users reported this issue being resolved after making sure their time syncs up with the curse servers.

    Windows 7 instructions:
    Right-click your date/time display (in your taskbar), choose "Adjust date/time".
    Select the "Internet Time" tab.
    Make sure your computer is set to synchronize with 'time.windows.com' (or an equivalent NTP server). If it is not, use "Change settings..." and do an update, then see if the issue was resolved.

    I'll have to say that we've also had users report that this did not resolve the issue - it's certainly worth a shot, though.
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    Hello Treeston

    I just registered here to only say: THANK YOU SO MUCH! We were searching in the Mozilla Firefox Forum for a fix for this problem for days. Not only curse, but many other site's didnt worked more. There was always a redirecting error from firefox. For me the Internet Time was set to time.windows.com already but after i pressed Update everything worked again fine for all sites.

    Thanks again and have a nice day!

    Salute Plutko

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    Glad you got a fix! Since this is a super old thread though, I'm going to lock this just so it doesn't get bumped again. Glad to hear the advice is still useful though.

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