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    Hall of monuments - Need some help getting started

    I've been searching around on google&the forums, but I am finding it quite hard to figure out how the HoM exactly works.
    Couple of facts:

    -It's been like 3-4 years since I played GW for the last time, and I ain't got a clue what my progress is in certain expansions (any way to check this)
    -I've never payed any attention to my HoM, the only thing that is in there is a statue of the GW:Factions boss Shiro.
    -When I am using the reward calculator on the website, it tells me it can't find my character.

    I want to complete atleast some of the monuments, but I aint got a clue where to get started.
    So my main questions are:

    -Should I start a new character and progress it trough all the expansions quickly so I know exactly where I am and what is going on?
    -If I would remain on my old character, what is the best way to find out my progression and most importantly, can anyone give me some personal advice on where to get started. (A link to a good and specific guide would be appreciated too)

    Sorry for my English :/ and thanks in advance!

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    -You can check your campaign progression by checking your characters title window or by looking at your map. The Shiro statue means you have killed Shiro, and therefore have finished Factions (although without doing all the bonuses or else you would have another statue).

    -Which profession you choose doesn't really matter that much unless you are aiming for +40/50 points in HoM. Generally the assassin, mesmer and ritualist are desireable profs in DoA, which get you some items/minipets/statues which give you points, not to mention the plat you can make by doing speed clears.

    -It is also much easier to get points by having all campaigns, since more statues can be earned.

    -Here are links that can be helpful:
    HoM guide
    Similar thread on this topic
    GW1 guide for newbies
    Guild wars PvXwiki

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    Tnx, already got alot of information from your post & your links!
    To complete the armor sets I will have to farm plat for armor sets.
    I am playing an assassin, but are the speed run you mentioned before pretty much the only way to get alot of money or are there any other ways? And which mission should I speedrun?

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    Hey I am in the same situation.
    www.guildwars2guru.com/hall-of-monuments/ , helped me immensely.
    However I didn't start a new character just continued playing my necro after 4 years and I am starting to have fun with gw1 again I don't even know why I paused in the first place.
    Without any gold it feels really slow to progress on HoM, wish there was a guild for returnees.

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