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    my pc seems to be really sluggish for this game, wow i had everythin on ultra settings for raiding n everything.. tor ive got all ingame settings on low as possible and it still most times moves like mick jaggey ;p i use an AMD hd5570 card, potched aboot with settings there as i tried the above but my list stopped at gamma ramp so no options for anti aliasing.. has anyone got a basic idea of what settings to put this card on before i run tor. cheers.
    #1 thing - set shadows to OFF not LOW, rejoice in the normal FPS you get from there on out.

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    I run a radeon 6850 hd and set my aa to x4. No issues yet.

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    I did this last night and in doing so added quite alot of graphic glitches. (HD6950). I was able to see Holocrons or w/e they are through physical objects such as buildings and walls of rock and such =\
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    Doing this on an old Gtx 260 causes Holocrons to be invisible. That's the only bug I've notices, but, I think it may just be worth it. It looks so good xD

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    set it to 16xAA, no issues yet and no significant fps loss. GTX560Ti 448core.

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