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    Some Magic the Gathering deck building advice for a semi-noob?

    Hi guys, I have some general questions about the deck I am building. It is a green/black deck [not infect].

    Firstly, are there any general strategies I should be thinking about for playing these two types together? I have read all the noobish 'getting started' type stuff, and after playing with a veteran for a few weeks, I have a general feel for the game. What I understand thus far is the importance of your deck telling a story in the form of combat. I guess what I'm getting at is this: Are there any strategies for green/black I should know up front before trying to hone in my specific play style?

    That being said, as I have been playing I have already begun to specialize my deck past just saying its a green/black. What I have going is this:
    Green: Most of my creatures are green forest beasts. Baloths are among the heavy hitters, and other miscellanious elves and forest nasties.
    Black: Discard based strategy. I have 4x 'Lilliana's Caress' which is an enchantment that drains 2 life from a player for each card they discard. From here I have a plethora of black spells that call for discarding. My swamp approach also doubles for a bit of control as the other half of my black deck component are direct creature destruction cards [like 'Doom Blade', etc.].

    The basic idea is to drain my opponents life directly while attacking aggressively with aforementioned forest nasties. Defense comes in the form of destroying creatures directly. Green offensive, black spell control, drain a bit of life while i'm at it.

    Am I missing anything large, or thinking about anything incorrectly?

    Thanks a lot, MTG players! [If you're out there on the MMOchamp community]

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    Are you playing causal? Or are you playing Standard? The difference being, in Standard, you are limited to the four(?) most recent sets, in Unlimited/casual, you can pick among the what has to be millions of cards by now.

    If you're playing casual, you have an unlimited number of ways to put your deck together. Green and black together are good for reanimation decks, decks that recycle cards. Like the Dredge mechanic in Ravnica, which allowed you to return creatures from your graveyard to your hand at the cost of taking a number of cards from the top of your library and putting them in your graveyard (which ultimately put more cards with dredge in there for easy access )

    It really depends on what you like, as a new player you'll have to play a lot and find that part out for yourself. I myself love green. Green is best used as a mana accelerator (getting more lands in play than you have had turns), and big honking creatures, with a lot of those creatures having trample.

    I can't really suggest any specific deck, but when I need to search for something, I like to use http://mtgsalvation.com/ And Wizards Gatherer: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx

    Edit: You want your deck balanced. You don't necessarily have to have say 20 green and 20 black cards, but whatever you have, you want your mana to reflect it. There is a great website you can use to check things like this, here: http://deckstats.net/index.php?lng=en
    You have to input all your cards in your deck, but it offers some great statistics, and lets you pick random 7-card hands to see how your opening hand will look.
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    One thing I know that my friends and I struggle with as super casual players with hundreds and hundreds of cards at our disposal is limiting our decks. It's so hard to not include every awesome card we have available to us >.<

    What's key is finding a theme to your deck though, synergy is what really makes the best magic decks.

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    I'm definitely a casual player, part of what makes MTG so damn fun is the endless possibilities and collectibility of all of it! Thanks for the replies, those links are proving exceedingly helpful!

    [EDIT] I love your sig, mod. Bro Hoof. Fluttershy is the BEST.

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