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    Shadow Help

    (just to start off here, I've spammed LFR and the new heroics to get her gear just b4 xmas, and not done much reforge and gem wise yet, as ive lost my account key over x mas)

    Okay I was just wondering if someone could give my alt character a quick check for me, I was just wondering what I should reforge into, Haste or Mastery
    from spirit / hit / crit (spirit items I have currently I use because prior to those I had 346-359).

    and which socket bonus do I aim for and which ones do I ignore for pure int.

    Also that LFR wep, should I replace it for a 1h spell wep from LFR if it drops or just wait until I get my hands on the staff that procs haste, and if I do get that staff, do I start gemming pure haste and reforging haste?

    and lastly have I specced corretly?

    Reasons I'm asking is that, in 346 and 353 gear in heroics I was pulling 20-22k dps and in raids about the same, now in 4.3 in LFR I know theres a lot more movement and add switching that your avg joe heroic, but I've fallen to 16.5k avg. I put it down to gemming and forging beening missing, but apparntly even my gear stripped back to basic I should be pulling 26k upwards. Or so Ive been told

    also my rotation is

    SWP, Vamp touch dev plague mind blast, mind flay, Mind blast and flay until I need to refresh one of them, but I NEVER clip a flay, I pop arch angel as soon as I get enough stacks, unless my mind blast is on 2 orbs, then I wait and use flay until it hits 3. I use shadow fiend towards the end of a fight to regain mana more than doing dps.

    Thanks for your time, I'll be back in a hour or so, incase people think im ignoring their work and taking the time to look over her

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    1. Speccing drop silence, psychic scream and psychic horror and get veiled shadows and sin and punishment
    2. Shadow fiend does a butload of damage and you should use it on cd same thing with mindblast always use it on cd with ore without orbs
    3. The most important secondary stat is haste atleast untill you hit 30%
    4. Never sacrifice int for any second stat
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    You say you don't clip Mind Flay, but you really should since it's considered a dot. Clipping before the last tick carries over the remaining time onto the new Mind Flay. Gnosis (amazing castbar addon) does a fantastic job of monitoring ticks and updating them properly.

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