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    Trinket Help for Holy

    Okay, so I have 3 trinkets at the moment, and please don't tell me to get better ones, etc. because its all I have atm, and I can't do the Hour of Twilight heroics yet.

    Sea Star
    Corrupted Egg Shell
    Tear of Blood

    Which combination of trinkets would give me more mana back? I use Corrupted Egg Shell all the time on myself so I get mana back for 30 secs. The reason why I want mana back so desperately is because I run out of mana all the time. My gear isn't the greatest yet. Thankyou!

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    Spirit spirit spirit spirit. I'm not sure if the Corrupted Egg Shell gives more mana than Sea Star - but definitely use the Tear and get a hold of a DMC: Tsunami if you can (5-10k gold depending on your server)
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    Thankyou ^.^ I'll use the tear and the sea star together and see if i do any better on mana. :3

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    Honestly, these trinket choices aren't going to make a huge difference in your mana efficiency...

    at this point, you need to be very selective with your spells to help conserve your mana. Also, you should be comfortable with people sitting at 75-80% hp and not feel the need to always have everyone at 100%. This will greatly help reduce overhealing which helps with mana. Also...spell selection is key in conserving.

    Save 1650 justice points and get core of ripeness ASAP.

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    Holy is very gear dependent, and if these are your trinket choices, then your gear must be pretty below-average.
    I would honestly say to go Discipline and take it from there, and pick up holy later on when you get a few better pieces.
    But if you do insist on staying Holy, and by all means, more power to you, I'd suggest to do what Mazi said. Tear and a DMC: Tsunami would be your best bet. Or if you can, try to pair Tear with Blood of Isiset. You can reforge the mastery into more spirit for better output.

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