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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_ View Post
    Considering that they decided to move away from that model suggests that it did not.
    As I understand it, GW2 initially had no levels...that was their intention. They added levels because testers with MMO history were being freaked out...they were begrudgingly added so as to cater to the folk who would find it difficult to make the adjustment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernling306 View Post
    Wonder how that works with the first dungeon being level 35 and several being available at level 80 only. I think the whole "endgame starts at level 1" will only stay true to some people.
    Aye, they've got a lot of posters here quoting quite the soundbite. I'm interested in GW2, but at least I'm willing to wait and see what their spiel translates to in reality, before just believing it all as gospel.

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