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    languages list in the release game

    in GW1 they released the game with the italian language and italians districts, do you know if they will continue to support the italian language like they are doing (or did) on GW1? For sure by checking the official website: english, french and german languages are supported, so i was curious if the italian and spanish will be added in the release or maybe later with a future patch.

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    From wiki (which uv seen I guess):

    What languages will be supported/Will there be different servers for different languages?
    At release only English, German, French and other yet unspecified European languages will be supported.

    I couldn't find anything else official. It's safe to say that Italian and Spanish at least will be covered...but no telling when.

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    Don't forget about russian language! In WoW it was introduced only just before WotLK came out. There's some people among my friends who don't understand a word in english, so it will be difficult to play with them at non-russian servers.
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    If there's an active and vocal community, and Anet/NCsoft thereby perceive a commercially viable opportunity, I reckon Anet would release it.

    If there's a community in your native language, you could always get them to send a message to Anet. They seem quite open to this kind of thing.

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    There will not be 'other' languages except en, de, and fr at launch. They don't have the required time and had not hired corresponding specialists.

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    They'll most likely be Spanish as there's a lot of Spanish speakers in the world, I'm not sure about Italian but there might be.

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    People should bother to learn english while being on the internet to be honest, at least some words :P

    In Guild Wars they added some language districts later into the game, wouldn't surprise me if they did the same in Guild Wars 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plagous View Post
    Hopefully "Bork! Bork! Bork!" makes a return. That language setting was my favorite.
    Haha, that's awesome, like playing Magicka while swedish and realizing they're not really talking swedish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackhisis View Post
    There will not be 'other' languages except en, de, and fr at launch. They don't have the required time and had not hired corresponding specialists.
    again a very troll-like statement

    it may be true that there are those 3 languages in the release-version (we don't know yet), but you haven't mentioned the huge amount of voiced dialogues that would have to be translated.
    Peters revealed that there are about 400 lines of dialogue for every player in GW2. "We've recorded over 60 feature films worth of dialog for Guild Wars 2," he added.

    knowing this, it surprises that they have voiced all of this for more than one language

    they absolutely have experts for foreign voice overs, watch this:

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