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    A bird in the
    the bush

    You read that as "A bird in the bush", when it clearly doesn't say that.

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    Im quite sure I saw a post like this in Reddit...

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    I read it correctly.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    I read it as it's written and thought wtf
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    I read it correctly, sadly because it's written in fail.
    Pretty much this. I read "you this read wrong" and clicked the topic simply because I was wondering wtf was going on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zantos View Post
    There are no 2 species that are 100% identical.
    Quote Originally Posted by Redditor
    can you leftist twits just fucking admit that quantum mechanics has fuck all to do with thermodynamics, that shit is just a pose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chemicader View Post
    /facepalm.. please dont spread that here.
    It is true your mind "corrects" a text for you if it is written wrong.
    don't worry, emoticons ruined it.

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    What's the issue with people mentally auto-correcting an obvious mistake?
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    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    i read it like 3 times before it made sense to me :x
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    I'm not 100% sure what to vote. I sort of read it as "You read this wrong" but before I was done reading it I started stumbling over the words in my mind, and then realized what it actually said. So I sort of half read it, then corrected myself after a few confusing seconds.
    If Goku's power level increases at the same rate till the end of DBGT as it does till the end of the Frieza saga, as a SS4 Goku would have a PL of roughly 939 Quinoctogintillion. For reference that is a 260 digit number. A PL of 14,600 is required to destroy an earth sized planet. There are about 2 nonillion earths worth of mass in the universe. That means SS4 Goku can destroy the universe about 32 Octosexagintillion times over. There's a reason they made Goku a god at the end of GT.

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    Wasn't a very effective optical illusion, from my PoV at least.

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    To be honest i looked and looked and looked for the error.

    Though maybe it was an edit after the post...nope...what the hell?? Read what wrong??

    Then i finally found it, you got me.

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    I read it as "you this thread wrong"


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    I read it wrong but in my defence I'm a fast reader so I like to skip words.

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    Read it correctly, I was actually confused what was wrong for a minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoErVoL View Post
    Aocicrdng to rarceehcsh at Crmbadgie usivrteiny, it dnsoe't mtetar waht odrer teh ltetres in a wrod are.... etc etc etc

    See how more difficult it gets the more you jumble around the letters? Plus the above paragraph uses too many small words. Yes, your brain can reconstruct sentences following logical patterns but to an extent. If I take a random paragraph from a book, you have NO context of what you are reading and randomize the letters, you will NOT understand anything. The whole "Cambridge research" is just an urban legend as far as I am aware.
    I really had no problem reading that first statement.

    Also, this paragraph might as well have been a random paragraph from a book out of context, as most people here are probably reading it for the first time. This WAS researched by Cambridge, is perfectly legit, and is not an urban legend. Try not to spread false information.
    Quote Originally Posted by Diurdi
    Painting a dick on someone's head is not child pornography.

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    I didn't see the error until I read the comments x.x

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    Maybe its because im really really tired falling asleep here but i did see it as "you this read wrong"

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    Sicne you don't read letter by letter, but by actullay just scnannig the letters, speciicaflly the first & last, it's quite undrestdanable to take a slimiar appraoch to short sentences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raht View Post

    This WAS researched by Cambridge, is perfectly legit, and is not an urban legend. Try not to spread false information.
    I DID say "as far as I am aware" but anyway, thought i should search it up some more.
    Quite an interesting read don't you think?

    The tldr version is that the paragraph is from a guys thesis on the matter, it's still being discussed, it wasn't a research from Cambridge although various guys have commented on it etc etc.

    On the actual discussion however, really, read the article! It's quite interesting. For example, this doesn't work in every language (as one would reasonably expect)

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    Finding the actual mistake me took ages.

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