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    Question hints and speculation from the Book of Cain; Let's discuss! Beware spoilers?

    1. It is now strongly hinted at that the black soulstone is a creation of Zoltan Kulle to trap both demons AND angels; a gamechanger and Azmodan knows it.

    2. The "fireball" that hit the church in the intro may have been Imperius' spear Solarion. The smoking gun is the stained glass image shown moments before. Leah may have been the target. An interesting twist is that Imperius must summon it...could someone be framing him to start the war as seen in Leah's vision?

    3. Big D in the intro trailer has 3 heads (1 on each shoulder) and has a slimmer skull-faced appearance and four arms, suggestive of Mephisto, Andariel and female traits (Leah as daughter of the possessed wanderer).

    What interesting points did you pick up?

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    Well we know from the book that the deafeated evils; Baal, Diablo, Mephisto, Andariel, and Duriel were all slain and banished so some sort of abyssal realm beyond the the normal realm of existence. However, Tyrael was also sent there after the destruction of the World Stone.

    Perhaps, Diablo found some way to absorb his fellow evils in the abyssal plane, after all they were all once part of The Dragon. This would explain why he looks so...different
    In the book, Cain hints that Tyrael's role in the conflict may not be over. It is possible that we may have to find some way to this abyssal realm to bring Tyrael back, and in doing so, release the new Diablo; this may have been his plan all along.
    Those are just my speculations.

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    I get my book on Tuesday! I can't wait, I have never played any of the Diablo games, so Hopefully this book will fill me in on what's going on! ^_^
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    Got my book!
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    Diablo 3 Story and Theories [SPOILERS]

    I just ended reading the Book of Cain and would like to share some ideas about what may await us in D3.
    Please note that it's all based on my speculations but I would like you to join me and help get some facts right.

    The Prophecy
    ...And, at the End of Days. Wisdom shall be lost
    as Justice falls upon the world of men.
    Valor shall turn to Wrath-
    and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
    Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
    as Fate lies shattered forever.
    Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom
    One intiguing fact concerning Malthael is that the darkening of his mood is said to have taken place in the years following Sanctuary's creation.
    Malthael dissappeared after the Worldstone's destruction.
    Pretty much sums it up. I can see him coming back just to die. Maybe he'll join Hell's side as it may appear wise and so is lost? Or simply is missing from the Counsil when needed.

    Tyrael, Archangel of Justice
    He has even acted against the mandates of his fellow Counsil members to fight on our behalf.
    Yet, I am afraid that he [Tyrael] is alone in terms of how his fellow angels view humanity.
    What became of Tyrael after this event [destruction of the Wolrdstone] is unknown to me, but it is clear that his physical form, like Baal's, was disintegrated.
    I see few possibilities here, some suggest that he's been exiled from the High Heavens and the falling comet is him turned into human being. It may also means that he's coming for our help and breaks the Angiris Counsil. Or both.

    Imperius, Archangel of Valor
    However, his legendary valor appears to come with the fatal flaw of pride. It is this pride and arrogance which have reportedly brought him into conflict with Tyrael.
    If Tyrael is really doing something opposite to the Coulsil, I can easly see him going to unleash his Wrath upon him and humankind.

    Auriel, Archangel of Hope
    For this archangel to temper the likes of Imperius and Tyrael, she must truly possess extraordinary patience and benevolence.
    It has also been observed that of all the archangels, Ithearel is closest to Auriel.
    She may go emotional about crisis in the Heavens or maybe Itheael will die and that will bring her to Despair.

    Death - I will explain what this one might be below.

    Itherael, Archangel of Fate
    Some records suggest that when Anu was blasted apart, its state of all-knowing was fragmented as well. If true, then it is possible for the crystals within the Library of Fate to provide visions of multiple possible futures.
    Perhaps its for this reason that Itherael is viewed as aloof or even indecisive, and that his predictions may sometimes seem flawed.
    Also one of potential condidates for death, (I guess they have to get rid of some angels, Hell lost 5 from 7 of its main bosses.) he will most likely make some major wrong prediction and start the show where Imperius will believe him even if it's all wrong and Tyrael opposing him and taking the side of humanity.

    In my opinion this is the main cast of D3, together with Azmodan, the Lord of Sin and Belial, the Lord of Lies. But where's main bad guy Diablo? So what we know:

    ...souls of Diablo and Mephisto were swallowed by the yawning darkness.

    Upon hearing of this, I remembered the writings of my ancestor Jared Cain, who reported a theory held by Zoltun Kulle: that spirits of angels and demons could be banished to a place beyond even Heaven and Hell - a place he called the Abyss.
    I believe Duriel, the Lord of Pain and Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish also went there after being defeated by heroes in D2.
    If we look at Diablo in D3 we can see some changes from his original appearance from previous games.

    Now from datamining we have this, names of curses used by Diablo during fight with him.

    Diablo_CurseOfAnguish_name Curse Of Anguish
    Diablo_CurseOfDestruction_name Curse Of Destruction
    Diablo_CurseOfHate_name Curse Of Hate
    Diablo_CurseOfPain_name Curse Of Pain
    I think that he has merged with his brethren in the Abyss and became Death itself. He's partially what Tathamet, the Dragon used to be. Now how would he get out of the Abyss? Well here is my theory:

    Aidan is the hero who "defeated" Diablo in D1 and later he becames the Dark Wanderer (actual Diablo) in D2.

    Indeed, the witch Adria appeared to be the only person capable of offering comfort to Aidan during this sorrowful period.
    ...Aidan and Adria spent long nights behind closed doors.
    Shortly after Aidan's departure, Adria set out as well.
    ...that when Adria left, she was pregnant with you, dear Leah.
    My mind has been blown here because I realised that Leah actually might be the daughter of Diablo.
    Even if Aidan was still human by that time, I think she may have possessed some of Diablo's evil spirit.

    Here's what we got from datamining again(Corrupted Leah texture):

    I don't know how but she is some kind of key in this game. Maybe Diablo will use her as a medium to get out from the Abyss back to physical world again. Or maybe someone will stab the Black Soulstone into her chest because texture from the above picture looks like a suiting place for this.

    About soulstone itself:
    He [Kulle] had become obsessed with soulstones, and believed that he could create one of his own - a vesselcapable of harnessing the essensces of both angels and demons. Zoltun Kulle would then use this Black Soulstore, filled rage and hope, fear and valor, as a substitute for his own black and empty heart.
    This is why Azmodan is looking for it as we know from the Black Soulstone Trailer. He wants to destroy it to unable Diablo's return from the Abyss or to get it and trap Diablo within it and in both ways become the Prime Evil.

    The most unclear thing for me is this falling comet at the beginning. Some have suggested that it's Solarion, the Spear of Valor wielded by Imperius. He's able to summon it everywhere so technically it is possible. If he has tried to kill Leah so Diablo couldn't come back. Stained glass at the cathedral in cinematic shows him too which is suggestive. Still it's much more likely that comet is Tyrael.

    Share your thoughts, there's actually great lore in this game and I'm sure I couldn't catch everything that you may have reached. Sorry for my poor english.

    Wall of text hits you for over 9000!
    TL;DR version: No, just no.
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