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    Spriest haste cap

    I was looking for a thread or where it was saying where the spriest haste cap was and couldn't find it. I remember it being around 30% but don't remember the exact number. I'm sporting 4p t13 so that might change things and I know mastery is better than haste at that point but I'm still curious what the cap is.

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    Check the thread "Sticky: [Priest] PvE Shadow Guide (by Kilee)"
    Right at the bottom shows haste plateaus and explanations.

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    There is no cap, just break points.
    The more you get the better.

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    or use google... 1 seach and i found it.

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    There is no "cap". There are haste thresholds that provide a significant dps boost to hit, which after you hit will cause haste to lose value until you near the next threshold. More is always better, but at some points other stats are worth more point for point than haste until you can reach the next point. Check Kilee's guide on shadowpriest.com or howtopriest.com for a good explanation of it.
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    Just get 3202 haste and your good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nagina View Post
    Just get 3202 haste and your good.
    Not entirely true. It really depends; http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1142

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    The more haste, the better, keep reforging to haste and prefer parts with haste on them, it's still the best stat (after intellect)

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