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    mage 4set bounus not adding up....

    So i finally got my 4set from a lfr peice and i noticed that it just wasnt adding up.

    It says arcane power is is reduced by 7 secs per stack of stolen time. So that means 10x7secs=70 secs. Now the cd according to the tooltip is 1.5sec(aka 90 secs) but yet when i have 10 stacks the cd is 37.5 secs not 20 like it should be. Now before you say that it may be slight more then 1.5 secs(as they like to round up for time left on things like flasks etc) combustion goes to 1.17 on the tool tip. So if it was anything other then 1.5 it would be 1.6 or 1.7 etc.

    Did they change the time taken off and just haven't fixed the tooltip or do i just fail at math(i am good at math but looking at what was given thats how it should be.)

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    Believe this occurs because the 70 seconds are taken off the cooldown time before arcane flows is factored in.

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    Yep, as Hemophiliac says.

    Default cooldown is 2 minutes. After Stolen Time that gets knocked down to 50 seconds. Then the Arcane Flows calculation is done (-25%) to get to 37.5.

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