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    Trinket help :3

    Now normally I'd just use whichever works for me, but I'm trying out a new spec. I'm usually Discipline/Shadow, but our Holy Priest is going casual and my guild asked me to fill in his spot. I picked up a few trinkets, and am still deciding which ones to use.
    My Armory

    Those are the 2 I'm using now, but I also have:

    Fiery Quintessence and Foul Gift of the Demon Lord
    A holy priest in my guild swears by Foul Gift, but I just can't see where the extra mastery for a Holy Priest would come in handy. I can see it being put to good use for Discipline though.
    I like Fiery Quintessence personally because I've used it both while as a healer and DPS. The relatively short CD and huge burst of Intellect could come in handy on many fights during DS.
    I'd like to pair it with Heart of Unliving, but I'm curious to know if doing so would be gimping myself.
    Also, feel free to point out anything else you see wrong.

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    Well, I usually use for my general "What to use" questions. It gives a nice overview of what items are BIS and the next following etc.

    Here's the list for holy:
    1. Heart of Unliving (normal and hc)
    2. Seal of the Seven Signs (normal and hc)
    3. Windward heart hc
    4. Fall of mortality
    5. Jaws of Defeat hc
    6. Seal of the Seven Signs LFR
    7. Reflection of Light
    8. Foul Gift of the Demon Lord

    what does this tell us? Well first off, obviously the first 2 are the ones you should aim at. But since you have only 1 of them (which is from LFR), let's look at the next options. Fiery Quintessence is, for holy, lower in the BIS list than foul gift. BUT Your Eye of Blazing Power hc is even lower in the list, actually, it's number 26. So this means you should really replace that one, with foul gift of the demon lord.
    I know the list says reflection of light, but in this case I would defy the list, because from my own point of view reflection of light is a bad bad trinket and the worse choice you could possibly make. Therefor, equip foul gift and wait for the seal to drop Keep your Heart of Unliving equipped; it's best in slot!
    Hope it helps!

    PS: Your shoulders & Head are missing the rep enchant
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