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    Auto[email protected] seeks Raid Leader

    Autonomy on Saurang, an established lvl 25 guild, is seeking a knowledgeable and experienced raid leader to head up and turn around our 10 man raiding team.

    Currently 4/6 MSV progression, our progress has been hampered by a close succession of real life issues, resulting in the departure of some core members and our last raid leader.

    The current members are strong raiders, with a high level of skill and awareness. Given the correct leadership we could be progressing much better.

    Our new Raid Leader should:

    - Be able to recruit and construct a team that raids regularly. Pug if necessary.

    - Be able to make the cuts or bench players if their performance is sub-par.

    - Be able to clearly and concisely communicate expectations and instructions to the raid team.

    - Be personable, yet firm with players when they require criticism or reprimand.

    - Preferably be a tank or a dps but a healer would also definitely be considered.

    Raid times are currently set at Friday 7-11pm and Sunday 4-8pm SVT, however we could consider changing these times if required.

    Post me either in-game or reply to this thread for more information.

    Autonomy Guild Leader.

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