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    "A more powerful spell is applied" when trying to re-apply Mana Shield.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it gives that message, in either case no change in health or stats has occured, e.g. idling waiting for a bg to start and it works for 3-4 re-applications and then it stops again. Has anyone realized why it sometimes gives the message and sometimes not? (without even taking dmg)

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    Have a trinket or anything that would cause your SP to change even by 1?

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    hmm as i derived from Foxtails post, it seems that if u had a shield with more spell-power and then tried casting one with less spell power it will give you this message, otherwise idk

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    Yeah to my knowledge it's from something like Power Torrent proccing and you applying it then and then trying to reapply a weaker shield to refresh the duration.

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    needs an option to turn that off imo
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    What it needs is to determine how much damage the shield has absorbed already. If the strength remaining of the shield is less than the strength of a new shield, the new one should overwrite it. Instead, it will give you that error. So if you have 1dmg worth of absorption left of a 100dmg shield, a 50 dmg shield will be blocked.
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    /cancelaura mana shield
    /cast mana shield

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