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    Death Count Zero (Frostmourne) Ex-Mems of Handfish Society!

    Hey all Nukems here Team Leader of Death Count Zero (AKA New Guild Formed under Ex Members of Hand Fish Society (10man Team Rough Necks)

    Death Count Zero are Recruiting! We are a experienced 10man Team from Hand-fish Society! sadly they split. We are currently LF1M Ranged! Elemental,Spriest or Moonkin! Pst Ilvl and Experience! Must be 8/8 with some Heroic Attempts.

    We also are Recruiting Socials/PVPers (Arena/Rated BGS)

    Raiding times are

    Thursdays 7.30GT - 10.30GT (With Overtime if progressing well on Heroics)
    Sundays 7.30GT - 10.30GT (Continuing on from Thursdays Heroic Progression)
    Mondays 7.30GT - 10.30GT (Extra Day If Needed on Content)

    Pst Nukems or Kuror or Iceplague on Frostmourne Horde!!!! for more information.

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