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    Holy Word: something mouseover macro problem.

    I can't manage to make a mouseover macro for it, everytime i'm casting Serenity other mouseover macros completly stop working (if i mouseover it still heals the target i LEFT CLICK on it).

    edit: wrong forun sorry xD please move it

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    it would help to see what your mouse over macro looks like.

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    HW: Chastise's spellID changes depending which chakra state you're in, this causes some things to work improperly in macros. I'm not sure of all the details. But, much like how traps work with the trap launcher, you have to place a copy of HW: Chastise itself somewhere on your hotbars to be able to reference HW:Sanc or HW:Serenity in a macro.

    If you're using a bar mod like Bartender, place HW: Chastise on a bar you'll never show (like bar 8) then disable that bar.

    Now make your mouseover macro, and reference it to HW: Chastise

    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Holy Word: Chastise; [help] Holy Word: Chastise; Holy Word: Chastise

    Will cast whatever spell is appropriate for Chastise depending on your chakra. In chakra sanc, the game ignores first two targets and gives you a ground-targeting reticle.

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