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    haha moar please !

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    Just a FYI, the moment a real physical threat is issued to a player, whether they have the means to carry that threat out or not, if reported, that acct is perm closed. I once was in a raid where my GL was threated in such a manner. A GM appeared within minutes. The toon in question was removed from the raid and went offline immediately. His toon was deleted as well. Blizzard must take such a stance, because if they did not and a player ever managed to carry out a death threat, they would lose multi-millions both in lawsuits and lost customers. If they really made a death threat against you, just get the ultimate revege. Report it, and they are toast. The whole acct and every toon on it. They get to buy the game again, and lvl from 1 with no money or heirlooms.

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    I was doing a FL trash run back when it first started and i was in a group with two feral tanks and a handful of other dps (frost dk). I happened to be the only plate wearer in the group. An Obsidium Cleaver happened to drop and I am MS DW frost and so the ML gave it to me. The rogue in the group was absolutely furious because he should be allowed to /roll on the item (LOL). He then proceeded the threaten to kill me and whispered several people in my guild about how he was going to stab me to death and that he knew where i lived and shit like that. Was very...... yeah. Interesting. Stupid rogue. Laughs were had by all.

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    I feel like I have the winning story here...

    I joined a heroic CoT: Stratholme as a healer back in Wrath using the LFD tool.

    In the PuG, there are two DKs from the same guild/server. One of them is almost entirely naked, save for a weapon and 2-3 armor slots. He claims he just got his account back after being hacked and is trying to gear up again. It's an easy heroic and the rest of us were pretty laid back so we just shrugged and went with it. (his buddy is miraculously doing lower DPS than him anyway)

    In the middle of one of the early waves, the half-naked DK disconnects. After a several minutes of him being offline, his guildmate says in party that the offline DK just called him on the phone and said that his account had been "suspended pending investigation" because of being hacked. So, of course, the tank initiates a vote-kick so we can get another DPS in. By now the guy has been offline for <5 minutes and we know he's not coming back since his account isn't even in his control. (Any other group would have kicked the guy when he zoned in with half his armor missing and again when he disconnected, but we had been pretty damn nice thus far by waiting until we heard he definitely wasn't coming back before removing him.)

    Well, the remaining DK flips out when the vote passes. He starts "screaming" in chat. Refuses the role checks, refuses to DPS, tries to cause us problems by training mobs to us, and is all the while ranting about how we're terrible, mean, evil people for kicking his friend. The tank calmly explained that his friend isn't going to get credit anyway since he was offline and that he wouldn't make it back for the end if he had been suspended so it was no loss to his friend, but the guy will just not listen to reason at all. He is genuinely hysterical - unfathomably upset for reasons no one can really comprehend. I've had a lot of bad players and asshole players in my groups, but this is the only time I had someone like this.

    Which means now we're down minus two DPSers, and one of them is trying to sabotage us in the process. And since we just booted the offline guy, so we can't remove CaptainCrazy™ and we can't requeue with him declining role checks. So I just let him die and we finished the dungeon with just three of us. Fun fact: still made the timed run!

    It is absolutely the most hysterical I've ever seen anyone get over something so completely petty, in any video game, ever. I think if he had threatened to kill me, I would have just written him off as joking around but the level of crazy, frothy, hysteria he displayed was too passionate to be anything but genuine.
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    During BC I'm running Bird Halls in a trade pug. One of the stylin' hat patterns drops. Three of us roll; I win.

    One guy in the group starts yelling at us because he didn't get to roll. We all scratch our heads at this. "Uh... it's automatic," we try telling him. "Sorry, better luck next time."

    He isn't hearing it. He does a /roll and gets a higher number than any of us had rolled, then comes up to me and starts opening trade windows as we're trying to proceed, telling me to give him "his" pattern. I tell him that I can't because the pattern is soulbound (which was true, not that I was inclined to do what this guy wanted anyway.) He accuses me of hacking the game to deny him his roll and threatens to report me for cheating, then starts going on at length about how I'm SO gonna get banned, etc. etc. etc. I shrug and tell him to go ahead, since I won the roll legitimately and the item really can't be traded.

    After a minute he says, "ya whatever, link it already." I do. A minute passes and he says "I got that one already lolz."

    The rest of us /facepalm in unison, but surely now that this little bit of excitement is over, we can get on with the run, right?

    Nope. He still yells at us for denying him his roll, then turns around and runs out of the instance saying "have fun trying to win without me fags!" as if he hadn't been AFK or otherwise noncontributing for most of the run up to that point.

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    You should have seen my rage in guild chat after I died to the dragon boss in the Nexus for the 47th time on my shittily geared Ele shaman. Would have made a sailor blush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gheld View Post
    After failing to convince the "leet geared healer" to STFU I went into my resto spec (my resto gear comprised entirely of greens, with a couple of very low ilevel blues. I out-healed the "leet geared healer" on every single pull.) True story.
    i was ranked 1 on healing on kel thuzad 25man on my ret paladin once, i loled.

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    Back in the days of TBC I was ganking in STV, killed this tauren with an orc following him, killed him a few times.

    Get a whisper later asking me to stop, I say ok, but keep ganking anyway.

    So he starts whispering me and starts whispering my guild leader as well complaining about how i am the biggest "dick butt" on this planet.

    Was good...

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    One week ago i went to do some old cata heroics with my friend because he just dinged and i offered him to tank few dungs(A treatise of bla bla might drop as well).
    Anyway,we got Blackrock Caverns,did 1st boss fairly easy and then 2nd boss came. Note that me and my friend were on vent talking crap and not really playing. At around 5% of her health,my focus dropped and I forgot to move so I got mind controlled,but boss anyway died in next 3sec. Some random dps went berserk how I failed on tactics,how bad I am,that I shouldn't tank if i don't know tactics and that I actually couldn't tank any raid boss(Actually I m tanking on my alt DK and doing it pretty good ). I tried to convince him that that wasn't lack of tactic,that i was talking on vent and my focus dropped for 2 sec but he didn't want to listen and kept bashing me even worst,calling me noob and what else.

    I allowed him to stay with us(had 1 more friend in grp with us so we could vote kick him at that point),but after being constantly bashed by him i just decided to kick him before last boss so he don't get vps,as punishment. Just typed "bye bye mate,you are out" and he was

    The other pug that was with us just said what a jerk person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    ZA, healer accidentally pops heroism on trash, Mage flips the fuck out and screams in caps before dropping group.

    On bear runs, I'd pop hero the instant the gates open and every 10 minutes on the dot after that. Made people rage so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomsboll View Post
    i was ranked 1 on healing on kel thuzad 25man on my ret paladin once, i loled.
    Used to frequently top meters in TBC with Judgement of Light alone on my holydin. I distinctly remember having an argument with my then GF on the phone during a Gruul fight and all I did was judge light and dodged cave ins and I topped the healing meter.

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    Once in an ICC pug, my Immolate dot dropped off the boss for like 1-2 seconds and some guy immediatly started screaming in raid chat trying to tell me that I "don't know how to play", demanding I be kicked and telling people to shame me in trade. He then proceeded to try to explain every last detail of DPSing as a warlock like he was talking to an infant... naturaly I just clicked /ignore and carried on but it's distressing to see someone go so mental over a dot falling off for 1 second. Especialy because he must have been monitoring me or something...

    We also had a new recruit in our guild who went mental over vent and ragequit because we killed a boss and he got saved

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    Pretty much any time someone randomly rages in BG chat, that stuff makes my day.
    My humble Mage.

    Conqueror Fanatic out.

    If they keep typing it only means that you have won.

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    OP, you should report that player for threatening you and harassment. Blizzard don't take those lightly.
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    I got raged at a person who narrowly won a 2s arena match against me on my Prot Pally, saying that I was playing a "gimmick spec" and that I was "one lucky parry away from beating them." Sure it's understandable when you lose a game like that, but why would you do that when you won that game to begin with?

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    not the most epic rage, but the most epic nothing

    just finished an uneventful Hour of Twilight random and this shaman dps flips out and tells me how pathetic I am and how my guild is the worst guild ever, making sure to repeat it frequently while waiting on the loot rolls, he also tried (and failed) to need the caster staff away from somebody that actually needed it

    it was amusing, much less rage than some of the stories here, but there was literally no source to it, the run had ended, nothing of note occurred, nobody said a word the whole time, and then, wah wah time once benedictus was dead, it was interesting

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    Mine has to do with less...reputable deeds.

    Back in the day, when Glider was still up, I used to bot a particular spot every day at a certain time. Sort of out of the way place, figured nobody would ever go there. Well, several weeks into this, I log in to find someone there. I figure he's questing or something, so I go do AH things for a bit. I return an hour later, and find he's still there. I see that he's actually following the exact path I do, meaning he used glider. So I whispered him, "Hey, I have that same profile! It's awesome!" And left it at that, figuring obviously I wouldn't get a response. He comes back about 30 seconds later, and rants and raves that I called him a bot, he wasn't a bot, I'm an asshole, all sorts of things. I lol'd at him. He started spouting in chat that I had admitted I was a bot, and to report him. Several people actually responded with, "We've been watching YOU go for an hour now, YOU'RE the bot" and mentioned reporting him lol.

    Well, I figured this spot had picked up too much heat now, and was time to move on. I picked a different area, went to town, and never heard from the guy again. Then May comes around...I was deployed at the time, so I wasn't botting, but May was the big ban wave that took out a lot of Glider users a year or so back. (Hell, I guess 3 years now at this point?) When I got back from deployment in August, I get ready to bot again, and get a string of whispers from a level 30 something lock. Apparently, that moron thought that I was the reason his account got banned lol. He said he was going to report me every day that I was logged in to get my account banned. I put his alt on ignore, and reported him for harassment. He got suspended on his new account :-) He whispered me AGAIN when his suspension was over, but I put his new alt on ignore and threatened to report him again, at which point he finally ignored me. I never did get banned lol. I used Glider until it shut down.

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    There is this video on youtube, of this kid who freaks out over a bow from Kel-thuzad. think it's called crazy vent kid or something, the video is in two parts, the kid uses some language just a warning, but it's frikkin halarious

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    You're playing a MM/Surv hunter and an unenchanted/ungemmed/unreforged/unglyphed with troll spec ele shammy take your agi trinket from spine.
    Yes.. It's all "game" and "fun" untill some nabstick decides to act cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BelziBhaal View Post
    On bear runs, I'd pop hero the instant the gates open and every 10 minutes on the dot after that. Made people rage so hard.
    Big difference between accidentally doing it as in what you quoted and purposefully being a douche.

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