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    D3 Release Date Clue in Recent Video (Pics Inside)

    I watched the video and caught a glimpse of a date with writing on one of the screenshots in the newly released video.

    Here is link, if you can post for me I would appreciate it, ty!

    I created this account to just post this lol. Thot it was a good find!



    Adding Light to the Image


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    It's just the date stamp of when that particular drawing was done. If anything it seems to suggest it's art work from 2002, as the last two numbers seem to be .02

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    05-23-02 (when under light it could look like 05-23-92) no matter which one is right that date does not seem to fit for a release date.

    The 05 could also be something else like two letters, if we removed that the 23rd of February could be the release date I guess but then again I dont think so.
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    I'd guess it's an ID tag or something for some of the artwork?

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