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    (plz move to right section) Little Help requested with this build

    Dear Forum Users,

    I would really appreciate your opinion on the following contents that i want to put together into my new computer.
    You should know that I'm really new to building computers and I don't know as much as you guys do about the performance of certain components in this set.

    Miditower Raidmax Hurricane schwarz
    550 Watt be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 80+ S6-SYS-UA Netzteil
    Mainboard GIGABYTE GA-P67A-D3-B3 1155
    Intel Core i5-2500 Box (4x3,30GHz) S1155
    2x4096MB Mushkin Enhanced Essentials DDR3 1333MHz CL9 996769
    AMD HD6750 1024 MB GIGABYTE HD6750 OC (HDMI, 2x DVI)
    500GB Western Digital 7200rpm 16MB Cache Serial ATA/600
    60 GB SATA OCZ Vertex 2 Extended Series 2,5"
    DVD-Br Samsung SH-S222AB/BEBE SATA 22x/22x black bulk

    This setup would set me back €800,-. I was thinking of using this as a starting point from which i could exchange parts.
    My goal is building a computer that is capable of most games with a decent frame rate and decent graphics. It just needs to feel right. All settings on Ultra is not something i need.

    My budget is flexible but i was thinking on spending between €800,- and €900,-.

    In short:
    -Is the setup from above worth the €800,-?
    -What would you change/add?

    Thank you very much in advance. Your help is appreciated!

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    Drop the ssd for now and get a better video card at least a 6870 or maybe 6950

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    Shoo with the SSD, 60gb is not worth it.
    As lockblock said get atleast 6870 or maybe 6950, if you upgrade the graphics card you'd want to upgrade your power supply too, would be comfortably good at around 750w (a known PSU brand ofc)
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    Agreed. Drop the SSD, up the PSU to 650W and up the GPU.
    Get the i52500k So it can be overclocked.
    Change the RAM to 1600 MHz

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    You would benefit from faster RAM, as uggor pointed out, just be sure to get memory modules rated for 1.50V operation. And (also as uggor stated) the 2500K is the chip to go to for overclocking; the vanilla 2500 can overclock, but not NEARLY as well (you'll be capped at 4.1GHz, whereas my admittedly pretty good 2500K can benchmark at 5000MHz on air.)

    Also, how much are you gonna pay for that Blu-Ray drive you'll likely never use? Could save $50 by dropping to a DVD-RW drive. All I've ever used my drive for was installing Windows and ripping four CDs (which I could just as easily have done on my old P4.)

    The savings from dropping the Blu-Ray drive and the SSD will net you a much more powerful video card and a much better long-term benefit.
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    Thanks guys, really useful info!

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