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    Yor_sahj HEROIC and when to combust

    Ok so i am a bit confused here as i am being told different things, so please help:

    on the Yor_sahj encounter HC mode, i am struggling to figure out how how to spread the combustion ticks when black slimes are up... do i make sure that my ignite, pyro and living bomb are up on the boss..activate combustion.. then when impact procs, spread my living bomb onto 2 slimes and then flamestrike to spread the combustion ticks? excuse the ignorance, just need a bit of clarification... cheers

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    Make sure you have a stored impact before you go fishing for it, is what i do. Then LB pyro ign (hopefully) impact spread, combust, flamestrike, this spreads combustion to other adds.

    I am sure if you did combustion first then, impact spread then then ~FS...should be the same thing...i just do what i know works

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    When Ignite, Pyro, and Living Bomb are up on the boss, cast Combustion. Then Impact to spread that Combustion (and other DoTs) onto the adds. Also, keep Flamestrike on the ground for the adds.

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