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    Send the Necro to Germany :D

    Hello everyone!

    As many of you know, i was selected to have the chance to compete on North America's behalf at the All-Star Gamescom Tournament. I would be honored to earn your guys vote. For those of you who don't know me, ill post my full bio and everyone is always welcome to come by and check out my stream. Love seeing new people

    Hello, everyone! I'm Chris otherwise known as Zombify. I am prepared to give you a ton of reasons to pick me, apart from insanely good looks, rock-hard pecs and all-around warming personality, but i figure i should probably keep it game focused. All jokes aside, I'm an extremely competitive player who takes this game very seriously and I have three solid, game focused, reasons why you should vote for me to compete on your behalf.

    1) I'm not a fairweather fan- I didn't jump to Necro in the last patch, the last month, or even the last year. I've been playing Necromancer since closed beta and nobody knows the class better than i do. It's common knowledge that Necromancers and their fears are a force to be reckoned with, but not many people play them. Apart from the well known terror-mancer build, I have a variety of power builds that are well designed and well suited for tournament play. I'm adaptable and diverse, not a cookie-cutter Necro.

    2) I have LAN experience- This is probabaly the most important point. There is a big difference between competing online in tournaments and competing live, in person at LAN events. I have played on the behalf of North America at PAX last year and was invited to MLG invitational shortly after. I know how to deal with the crowds, the screams, the clapping and the pressure.

    3) I have been an active member of the community- I have had the pleasure of getting to know several of you over the time span of this game whether it be the forums, in person at the PAX bash, or just in game talking about the class. This has given me a great understanding of how you may want me to represent you at Gamescom and future events.

    For those of you who don't recognize me, I am most known for competing with the team "Lack of a Scrim Feature", aka SYNC. I have represented North America before, and I'm ready to do it again. Nothing will stop me from bringing home a win. Vote for me if you want to show the world what havoc a top tier Necromancer can cause.

    I would post my stream, but i got a slap on the wrist for posting it on the main forums and not the video section. I apologize MODS! Hopefully this post will be allowed too . I hope to see everyone watching the event and supporting this amazing game regardless of who is selected!

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    My vote is for whoever gives me gold

    I shall be waiting
    Pokemon FC: 4425-2708-3610

    I received a day one ORAS demo code. I am a chosen one.

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