View Poll Results: Are You also tired of waiting for D3 and lost all interest?

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  • Yes and I am not gonna buy it

    38 8.24%
  • Yes, but still I will give it a shot and buy

    165 35.79%
  • No, man, what's your problem? My Hype is BIG! Can't wait!

    216 46.85%
  • Not interested ind D3 at all

    42 9.11%
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    I hadn't really followed the games development but i was looking forward to its release. After playing the beta im actually quite disappointed in the game (it is only beta so things may change), i hadn't followed any of the hype and im still a little let down Part of the reason is the always online aspect connecting to Blizzard servers. Trying to play a dialog with a latency of 210ish from Australia is quite lame.
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    I didn't play D1/2 but i was kinda looking forward to 3 but now its certain it won't come out it atleast march or april - i don't play any games until mid semester. I actually ordered the CE (mostly for the soundtrack) but now i'm thinking about cancelling it.

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    I'm tired of waiting, I have to be honest. I do get a little bit grumpy when I see more news on Diablo Fans and it's NOT a release date. I am having trouble pondering why a company with such experience and such budget - and most importantly - so many years of working on this project - is struggling so hard to give us a date. BUT I'm still super excited and hyped about it and looking forward to it like crazy. I think you can be disappointed something isn't ready yet, and still be really excited for the future. I'm really happy with the beta and I will just have to learn to be more patient I guess!

    I'd much rather be disappointed about the time frame, than disappointed about the actual product... I have no doubt I will be happy with the end result based on the beta and information provided so far... and that's what matters

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    Not bothered hyping for it, It looks interesting might pick it up when it's out though I'm not 100%..
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    Where is the vote that says, "Getting it regardless because of the 1 year contract?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    I do get a little bit grumpy when I see more news on Diablo Fans and it's NOT a release date.
    Yeah, it's pretty much a running joke on incgamers at this point.

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    I was going to get D3 despite being a Blizzard game with this weird RMAH, but now I lost interest. I'd rather wait for GW2 (which is kind of the same hype/waiting time) just because I can't afford to buy both games if I'm not going to play one of them for that long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caylis View Post
    after playing the demo.. sorry beta.. I am couldnt care less when it comes out. It wont live up to the 10 year hype and certianly wont be more than a flash in the pan success.
    After playing the beta I couldn't be more excited about a release. It will live up to 100 years of hype and will absolutely be more than a flash in the pan success.

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    I haven't really cared about a diablo 3 since like 2004. But I got the annual pass so I'ma play it.

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    Don't buy games because they're hyped; buy them because you want to actually play them. I loved Diablo when it came out and even played the worst expansion ever made (Hellfire). If Diablo III is anything close to as good as Diablo II there is absolutely nothing to worry about and it'll be a quality product worth waiting for. All these conspiracy theories about release date timing are what's boring me.

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    "We don't know. We were shooting for the end of 2011, and now we're shooting for first quarter 2012. As soon as we're sure of something (release date or otherwise) we'll be sure to let you know."

    ^ Shhhhhhhhh

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    Please note that I haven't played the game but I have seen alot of content, and...

    I'll be honest, this game feels like Diablo 2 with better graphics. No difference from the previous games at all. Like Starcraft 2 compared to Starcraft 1.

    Now I don't think that is bad by default, companies make sequels all the time, but I would simply have liked to see a bit more innovation in both games. Blizzard isn't much for innovating, they are more of the polishing until they can see their own face in them kind, but I would really like to see Blizzard go bananas and just do something entirely different, they have never done anything like that before. Their legendary polish combined with something entirely new would be very interesting to see. Diablo 3 won't be it though I fear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friendzie View Post
    Are we really going to troll around about the limited beta in a topic about whether the delays have hurt your opinion of the game? It seems off topic.
    I dont know if you have played diablo 2 in the past or the beta but the games are nothing alike, D3 will not be anything close to d2 and thats a problem for people who loved d2. im all for new games but i think d3 is just going to be using diablo 2s name for sales then everyone will open there eyes and see that this is not the sequel to the game they loved true and dear for 10 years. Not to mention the wait isnt doing anything self for it either.

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    Thanks for all responses, well, I found that still there is some love for this product (I've been hardcore d2 pala player for a while in the past, it was sooo many years ago huh and I still love the game), but I am not and never was a "everybody is buying this, I must buy it too! go with the hype! yea we are awesome!" type of person. So still not interested in buying it. Yes, blizzard = quality, afterall D3 will be a high-quality product, no brainer here. The question is: will d2 lovers love d3? Will they find a new "home" there? Time will tell. I have to play the beta to find this out and yet I fear that one specific scenario will happen: that something (car, house, whatever, or even a girl) is a high-quality, luxury, perfect and yet it doesn't matter and You feel nothing to it, absolutelly nothing, I don't know why. Example: I got this with cars, I love Saab 9-3 1998-2002 and I feel voidness to Audi Q7 which all my friends admire. The same scenario may happen with d2 and d3

    Ah and forgive me lack of 5th poll option "I've got annual pass, will get the game no matter what". Somehow I forgot about it. Maybe because annual pass is worth it only if you gonna play WoW for minimal 10 out of 12 annual pass's months. But thats an offtop.

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    I am Murloc!
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    The wait has definitely sucked a lot of the hype out of D3.

    That being said, I'll still most likely buy it and give it a go.

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    I'm interested to try the game out, but I'm not exactly hyped for it.

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    If you expect a Blizzard game NOW then you are not a Blizzard gamer.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    Shortly after the beta started, especially when the launch delay was announced, I stopped following all things Diablo 3. But I'm still going to buy it, I was a big D2 player back in the day, D3 is probably the game of the decade for me.
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    I was never that hyped about D3 and yes, I'm tired of waiting.
    However, I shall buy it regardless and I'm fairly certain it will be a great game.

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    If you're out-hyped then you have been following it too closely for too long, but that is also partly blizzard's fault for announcing and giving away so much so early.

    But also consider Guild Wars 2, the game was in a very polished state years ago, it wasn't complete back then but it was a window of what the completed work still looks like, THAT is an out-hyped game, but then again, I'm still super-hyped about that regardless.

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