View Poll Results: Are You also tired of waiting for D3 and lost all interest?

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  • Yes and I am not gonna buy it

    38 8.24%
  • Yes, but still I will give it a shot and buy

    165 35.79%
  • No, man, what's your problem? My Hype is BIG! Can't wait!

    216 46.85%
  • Not interested ind D3 at all

    42 9.11%
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    You're missing an option:

    Yes, I Have The Annual Pass And Already Have It

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    Obvs. I'm gonna play/buy it at release. Anyone a fan of the franchise will also do so in all likelihood. Do wish companies wouldn't announce so far ahead of time. A year or so before but some games are just announced way too much in advanced; e.g. Guild Wars 2, Everquest Next, Torchlight 2.

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    I've got enough to occupy me so no big deal. My conspiracy theory thinks the game is ready and it's release timing is to coincide with SWTOR people on the fence of re-upping their sub or canceling to "grab" them. That's just me though

    I have the Beta so I know what to expect.
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    Personally, I am a patient person. I am also new to the diablo series, and maybe that has something to do with it.

    The main reason I don't mind waiting though is because I received a TON of games before/during Christmastime because there were some unbeatable titles and prices around, so I need some time to get through those.. between that and a new, full semester of university I am afraid I wouldn't have the time to commit to it like I want to..

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    yeah was a bit disappointed in the delay and it started to slowly slip from memory. Regardless of their reason Im not nearly as hyped as I was say...3 months ago. Perhaps I will get that hype back when they actually stick to a release date time frame.

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    sorry I could not read properly as I'm too busy cleaning off all the drool all over my keyboard...


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    I'm Ultra hyped indeed :P Why does Blizzard torment so.
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    After playing D2 a lot in my "early years :P" and seeing some beta footage, I just have little to no interest in D3. I will probably pick it up, eventually, I mean I get it at a discounted rate so why not, but I don't see myself putting hours and hours into it like I once did before.
    If I get it, I will probably do one play through of it and be done. Who knows though, maybe I'll be surprised.
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    People playing it to lvl 6 and doing the first quest to kill Leoric. GJ guys.
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    I didn't really fall for the hype to begin with. So I'm still eager to get the game.

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    I was very hyped about it at first and even started to play D2 again... D3 will be coming out in the next couple of months (Possibly even next month). I might just wait for a console version depending on when we get more information or if it gets confirmed soon or not because I don't game on my PC much anymore.

    I'm still hyped but I'm not dying to get the game soon. I'll get it when I get it and I'd rather play it on my big TV with a controller.

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    No. I have SCII, Skyrim, Gears of War 3, and Mass Effect 2 (gotta finish another playthrough for ME3!) to keep me occupied. Skyrim alone is a life-sucker, consuming ungodly amounts of my time over this winter break before I start classes again (which will also keep me occupied). When Diablo III comes, I'll be playing it on day one, but until then, no big deal. I can wait.

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    I think when you play/watch the beta for a game for a long time before release you're always going to lose some of the hype for it. It's why I generally don't opt in for Blizzard betas or look to play any other in-development games (unless of course they're naturally ongoing projects a la Minecraft), it always feels a little like opening your Christmas presents early and detracts from the experience when you finally do get around to playing the completed product. From the OP it sounds like it's less of the waiting and more of the gobbling up of D3 tidbits that's spoilt a lot of what the game has to offer for you. D;

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    You are surprised a Blizzard game is taking forever to come out?

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    Was never really hyped for D3... Don't expect it to be bad, but I don't expect much more than what D1 and 2 was.
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    I was super hyped for the game, but after playing the beta it just doesn't "feel" like diablo. So I'll still buy it and play it out but idk, just doesn't have the same appeal the second game did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Why are there three "yes" categories and one "no"
    theres two of each actually ...
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    Oh is a new angle: now you are TIRED of waiting and don't care anymore? Good grief, got nothing else to do? A game only interests you when it is released within a month of announcement? So with D3 we are getting QQ threads before release although you should KNOW Blizzard's policy to only release games when they are done for like 15 years?

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    I'm not "tired" of waiting for it, nor have I lost the hyped feeling I have for it. It's only a few months-ish away, so I can wait.

    Or try to wait. I wanna play naooo.

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    Real money auction house made me lose any interest in it.

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